Tag: Mother Daughter Style

Canopea SS20; here to protect and impress

Typical swimwear leaves your child at risk for dangerous skin cancer, but Canopea bridges room in the market for fashionable bathing suits with added protection. These elegantly ruffled and seamlessly designed suits…

Online Editorial Exclusive, Autumn Song by Paul Thorburn

What could be more special than making memories with your kiddos this autumn? The sweet mother-daughter moments captured in our newest Online Editorial Exclusive by photographer Paul Thorburn give us a window…


Mothers to Mothers

We are celebrating Mother’s Day with an exciting photo contribution and interview series by photographer Evgenia Karica of Smiley Kids. Motherhood is messy and tiring but oh so rewarding and we’re excited to chat with…

Introducing Marilyn Tov for Spring

Marilyn Tov brings us on a stylish Parisian summer vacation with elegant designs for mother and daughter.