We are now accepting editorial submissions for the SPRING 2020 issue of Poster Child Magazine which will launch in March 2020. We look forward to providing our readers with an outstanding new magazine filled with beautiful, creative editorials.

The submission deadline for the SPRING 2020 issue February 1st, 2020

If you would like to submit photography to our team for consideration please follow our guidelines.

We are looking for editorials that highlight stunning photographic & editing talent, have a strong fashion-forward styling component, feature quality brands and clear creative direction (theme & storyline) which reflect the taste of our magazine.

  • Please ensure that all garments used in your editorial are current season.
  • Please provide a LINK to a gallery for us to view your submission. If you would like our help in selecting the strongest images, we are happy to do so and provide feedback. If possible, do not provide us with a WeTransfer or Dropbox that requires a download as your submission.
  • Provide us with full credits for your WHOLE team including the names of the models, wardrobe stylist, hairstylist, and makeup artists at the time of submission, in a Word or similar document format.
  • We will no longer accept editorial submissions through social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

E-mail: rebecca@posterchildmag.com



Any content you submit to Poster Child Magazine must not be published in any other magazine, website, blog or social media network or anywhere online for public availability. If the submission (or outtakes from your editorial) becomes public at any point we do have the right to remove the content from our platforms. No portion of your submission may be republished without the written permission of Poster Child Magazine. 

Poster Child Magazine does not provide financial compensation for any editorial contributions at this time. Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the contributor and their team.

Plagiarism is not tolerated. Should it be discovered that any part of your submission is not your own, original work we have the right to remove this content from our platforms immediately.

We cannot guarantee that the photos you’ve submitted will be featured on our website, in social media or in our print publication. Some reasons your editorial may not be accepted are: Content has been previously published, your content is too similar to a submission we’ve received or may be planning, your photos require too much additional editing or, the quality or style of your submission does not fit the aesthetic of Poster Child Magazine. Don’t be discouraged; we’re happy to provide feedback for your next submission!