We are the biggest fans and supporters of young talent around the world! We love seeing children achieve their dreams in modelling and express themselves in this industry.

Castings: If we are having a casting you will be the first to know! We share open calls on our Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram too. If we are looking for a particular type cast we will post about it on one or all of these social media outlets.

If you have seen a recent casting call and want to submit your child follow the instructions provided and e-mail casting@posterchildmag.com only.

IMPORTANT: We are not a talent agency. We do not know how to help you get your child into the industry. We wish we could help but this is not our area of expertise. Contact a local modelling agency if you think your child would make a great model. Please do not e-mail us with questions of this nature. We wish you the best of luck with your child’s career!