Wilson + Frenchy’s First Year Essentials

Calling all new parents (or soon to be new parents)…this one’s for you! The precious baby goods company, Wilson + Frenchy, created the perfect collection to support parents with newborns. It includes every item necessary to create the perfect wardrobe for your “mini me”. This collection is sure to leave you feeling confident that your “little you” is comfy during their first moments of life!

Wilson + Frenchy is an absolutely darling baby goods company showing up on everyone’s radar! Known for their large variety of products for young children, this company is seriously the place to look for any baby needs. Their designs are adorable, showcase subtle colors and charming patterns, and are sure to leave your kiddos looking and feeling comfy and cozy!

They stand by their mantra of sustainability by utilizing fabrics that are all natural. These types of fibers also allow Wilson + Frenchy to produce quality, long lasting products that can support your kiddos for ages! Their products even come in cotton garment bags to remain friendly to the earth and provide customers with a piece they can utilize in everyday life. 

The new First-Year Essentials collection contains a variety of perfect pieces for your perfect addition to the world. They offer styles meant for baby boys, baby girls, and also offer a variety of unisex styles to ensure you have plenty of options when picking out your kiddos’ items. The collection includes everything you could need! Whether it’s onesies, zipsuits, bunny rugs, or hats and mittens, this collection has everything. Many of their items meant for newborns are equipped with specialized fabric meant for sensitive skin to ensure your kiddos are well taken care of as soon as they enter the world!

Check out the adorable collection at https://www.wilsonandfrenchy.com.au/collections/baby-essentials

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