Ready, Set, Play – Warren Hill Launches New Playmats

Family-owned baby goods company Warren Hill just released their newest product! Designed to last for generations, the creation of their new soft, strong, and resilient playmats is bound to leave your kiddos feeling comfy and cozy during their next nap or playtime. 

Founded by spouses Tori and Paul, Warren Hill aims to provide families with durable products that can be passed down for years to come. The company name comes from a peak top area in England which holds sentimental value to the pair. Their goal is to provide parents with tools to create long-lasting memories with their kiddos during their childhood. 

Their new playmats are offered in a variety of essential colors including natural, oat, olive, chestnut, sunflower, aqua, and rust. Offered in both square and round shapes, these mats are truly the most versatile way to spark fun in your kids! These playmats can be used for indoor play, outdoor play, reading time, or cozying up as a blanket, and they are meant to withstand it all! They are perfect for the everyday messes encountered in childhood and are prepared to be popped right in the wash for extra convenience. 

Hoping to support companies that support our Earth? Warren Hill works closely with to donate 10 trees for every playmat bought! Gathered from France, where it grows best, each and every playmat is created from Pure French Flax Linen. Sandwiched between the outer layers of linen lies a layer of Polyester to provide your child with the pillow-soft comfort they deserve! Every playmat is stonewashed and free from unsafe chemicals to add a worn-in feel for your kiddos. 

Check out these awesome playmats and the other products Warren Hill offers on their website at


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