Rachel Castle x Gorman Playground Collection

The past year has been taxing on everyone. That is why for AW21, we are going BIG and bold! Introducing the highly anticipated Rachel Castle x Gorman Playground Collection.

Gorman Playground, an Australian-based apparel brand, has brought a fun and whimsical spin on their latest line. Collaborating closely with Australian artist Rachel Castle, the pieces pop with visual energy and color. Castle has infused her signature high-spirit design elements into every piece. From rainbows to silly words, this collection will bring a big smile to your face.

“We wanted to make happy clothes for happy kids.”

With a goal to eliminate all weather obstacles to play time, you can find your key fall pieces here. Along with the Gorman Playground’s classic sweaters and overalls, the collection features irresistible raincoats, rain hats, and gumboots. Rain or shine, the fun never has to stop!

All pieces are sustainably created with Organic Cotton and Recycled PET (Polyester) made from recycled plastic water bottles. This is typical for the Gorman Playground, which places an emphasis on sustainability for all clothing. With quality fabric and timeless designs, Groman encourages buyers to wear the pieces for years.

Check out the colorful collection HERE!



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