Online Editorial Exclusive, Pretty In Punk

Those early teenage years are a mix of emotion and style – a noble search for identity, often expressed through fashion. That is why we love our latest online editorial exclusive – Pretty In Punk – so much! In this journey of self-discovery, why should teens need to pick just one aesthetic?

Model Shyann Sundance shows that there is no need to choose a single look! Pretty and punk styles blend harmoniously, in this feature by photographer Alli Jagoda, with hair and makeup by Tia Cartwright, wardrobe styling by Janna Chin and set design by Abloom Floral.

Boots by Mercante di Fiori, Choker by Banana Republic, Dress by Eva Franco @Anthropologie, belt by Prada, socks and gloves by Hot Topic

Sheer Top by Eva Franco @Anthropologie, Shoes by Asher by Vans, Shorts by Wild Fable @Target, Tank Top by Wild Fable @Target, Belt by Juicy Couture, Necklace by Heidi Daus for Jim Walters.

Black Sheer Top by Comme des Garcons, Pink Corduroy Jumper by Vintage, Boots by Paul Green Dynamite Boot, Cuff by Hermes Collier de Chien.

Leather Eyelet Jacket by IRO, Top by Blue Tassel @Anthropologie, Jeans by Wild Fable @Target, Boots by Doc Martens

Pink ruched top by Wild Fable @Target, Lace collar by Current Air @Anthropologie, Boots by Mercante di Fiore, Ivory tulle skirt: vintage
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