Shop Tomorrows will be Your Favorite New Marketplace of Today!

The bins of long-forgotten, barely worn, garments that now just sit as a remembrance of toddler and babydom, have outgrown their collecting dust stage and now are ready to join a new endeavour! That is where Shop Tomorrows comes in, a “digital hand-me-down network” where you are rewarded for trading in your child’s outgrown clothing with tokens you can put into building a new phase of their wardrobe. So, say goodbye to the Jenga formation of storage bins in the basement, and say hello to the future of ending kids fashion waste!

Shop Tomorrows operates a circular economy to exchange children’s clothing between communities and parents. Instead of money being exchanged, all the transactions are done with “Tokens.” These tokens are earned through multiple things including; selling an item, setting up an account, uploading a profile picture, or even referring friends to join in on the magic of Shop Tomorrows!

Shop Tomorrows

Once a member has tokens, they can shop for garments across the site without any money exchanged! The brand variety is almost like a trip to the mall including luxury names such as; Stella McCartney Kids, Gucci, and Patagonia. The size range is just as vast; with options from Preemie sizing to Adult Larges. 

PhotoCredit: Julia D’Agostino

Being sustainable shouldn’t be the opposite of being fashionable. Haley Lieberman, the CEO and founder of Shop Tomorrows, understands this sentiment and wants to make reducing waste the new normal. Lieberman, a former costume designer and stylist became overwhelmed with the acceptance of textile waste throughout her work in the industry. She sought out to educate the next incoming players in the fashion industry by becoming a professor of fashion history and sustainability and teaching at universities across the United States Northeast. When Lieberman gave birth to her set of twins the reality of fashion waste in the children’s market became staggeringly unacceptable. She set out to create, Shop Tomorrows, the answer to slowing the waste in the children’s fashion industry while still keeping your kids stylish and sustainable! 

Go to to join the Poster Child team in the adventure of cleaning out the basement and giving back to the community!

Today, on Cyber Monday, anyone purchasing 100 tokens will automatically be entered to win a Shop Tomorrows branded tote filled with a curated selection of clothing handpicked for their kids, such as Stella McCartney, Appaman, Tea, Boden, Ralph Lauren and Jacadi, plus cold-weather favorites like North Face and Patagonia!

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