AIÖ Celebrates First Times in Fall 2020 Collection

Alive with color, this collection “First Times” proves to be filled with stories and dreams creating a classic look. The Spanish brand AIÖ makes the decision this Fall to return to its core values; by taking a new approach and redesigning their most respectable garments, this collection will prove to be both personable and timeless! Turning back to their early stages, this collection uses materials of the highest quality; AIÖ’s garments this fall will inspire both bliss and wonder!

Each thread and color tells a personal moment, tracing back to the two founder’s lively childhood. This collection is full of heart- each color, knitwear, and choice that is made is a fragment to the larger picture reflecting their spirit and traditions.

AIÖ fails to disappoint in this collection by including natural and sustainable materials including, GOTS organic cotton and linen. Although these garments are crafted in small Spanish Workshops, there is nothing meagre about their choice textiles; pure Italian merino wool, alpaca, and Egyptian cotton are seen throughout the collection pieces.

This Autumn and Winter 2020 collection has a little something for both AIÖ baby and kids with garments that embrace fall feelings with soft oranges, blues, and greys complemented with buttons made out of natural organic wood. The baby line includes a variety of cardigan sweaters, trousers, and shorts- all following a similar color scheme, accompanied by stripes and muted colors. Combining ruffles and overall trousers, they create a traditional yet fun look.

In accompaniment with the specialized baby line, the garments offered for kids are filled with more variation. Consisting of differentiating coats, jackets, pants, wool dresses, jerseys, and skirts – this collection seeks out to remake the most liked items as well as versatile. Using temperate tones, they portray a warm primitive feeling.

With each piece reflecting the two founders’ stated message of “little adventures,” they hope their customers will be inspired to envision a life in harmony with the world around them! These two sisters founded AIÖ hoping to promote optimism, and with this collection reinstate their core philosophy.

Learn more about the First Times collection by AIÖ by visiting their website and discover more of our favorite looks from the line below.

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