Super Smalls is Going to Be Super Big

Remember that pair of Cinderella earrings that you could NOT bear to take off as a kid, even though the clip-on portion always gave you a less-than-royal headache? After only a few days of wear, the sparkle turned into more of an aluminum foil-like sheen… Those are a thing of the past!

Dazzling jewel necklaces and headbands don’t have an age limit, but surprisingly most of the gems in the children’s jewelry market are less than stunning. Maria Dueñas Jacobs kept the dull factor in mind when designing her kid-inspired jewelry line, Super Smalls. When you are scrolling through the pages of perfectly packaged gems named “Big Presentation Mega Jewelry Set”, and “Dance Class Clip-on Shoelace Charms”, you would be pressed to not find your eye interested in just about every sparkle that crosses through the blue light screen of the computer! 

Maria Dueñas Jacobs is a seasoned fashion industry member who has held the positions of former senior accessories editor at Glamour, former accessories director at Elle, and former director of brand development at Stitch Fix. But, when her three young daughters couldn’t keep their hands out of her jewelry box, she knew where to go next. Super Smalls was developed to be just as glamorous and sparkletastic as the accessories market that Maria had worked with in the past, but with a comfortable kid-friendly spin. 

The second best part of Super Smalls, aside from their heart-grabbing super shine gems, is the perfect personal packaging! Each piece comes with its own jewelry box that is decorated with cheerful yellow smiley faces and is just the right amount of grown-up. This endeavor is bound to be more than successful for Maria, with an accessible price point range of $12 – $149, there is a perfectly precious gift to be given for any achievement!

The Poster Child picks for our new favorite jewelry brand for kids age 4+ are the “Dress Rehearsal Gem Hair Brush” at $25, and the “House Party “Pearl” Mega Set” at $39, (shown above). Shop for these shiny treats at

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