Destination: Lima, Peru with Tea Collection for Fall 2020

Every season pieces from Tea Collection become a staple in our kids’ wardrobes. Tea stands for practical luxury and inspired design. Their clothes are built to last in both styling and materials with natural fibers that feel great and are easy to care for; selling points that keep us coming back for more!

This season, we are joining Tea Collection on a trek along the nature trails of the Andes Mountains range to discover their lovely Fall 2020 Collection!  Always inspired by travel, the Tea Collection designers took us on an adventure that began in the coastal city of Lima, Peru and brought us through the desert and across the mountains to the ancient Incan citadel, Machu Picchu.

It’s easy to spot the clever nods to Peru throughout the collection. Fluffy alpaca and prickly cacti draw our attention on every type of garment, from pyjamas to playful dresses and everything in between!

Our favourite silhouette of the collection comes with a mythical tale. According to local mythology, the small rural town of Chinchero, Peru is believed to be the birthplace of the rainbow. The rainbow was a focal point of the designers’ throughout their Peruvian adventure and, eventually, the collection. Just like the vast range of colours that line everything from the mountains to the marketplaces, the collection is filled with rainbows in every shape, way and form. 

Check out more of our favourite styles from this bright and colourful fall collection below!

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