Ariana Greenblatt is No Damsel in Distress in New Film, Love and Monsters!

We are so excited to finally share about a brand new movie that we’ve been keeping quiet about, LOVE AND MONSTERS, the amazing opportunity that we had to interview one of its stars, Ariana Greenblatt!

The film, which launches Friday, October 16th on premium video-on-demand services, follows the character, Joel, during a monster apocalypse as he decides to brave the unknown in search of his high school sweetheart, Aimee. Along this dangerous journey, he meets a heroic dog and a pair of survivalists –  Clyde and Minnow (Ariana Greenblatt) – who teach him the lessons he needs to survive the monster-infested path that lead back to Aimee.

We had such a great time watching Ariana kick monster butt in this film; it is awesome to see a girl who is no damsel in distress. In fact, Minnow is quite the opposite! We love the girl power energy that Ariana Greenblatt brought to the character, so of course, we were excited to ask her about her experience making the film and learn more about her awesome upcoming projects.

Read on below, and don’t forget to check out the flick this weekend!

PCM: Congratulations on your new role in Love & Monsters!
What was your favorite thing about being involved in this film?
Ariana Greenblatt: The script, the cast and the location in that order!  I love this movie and I loved filming it, honestly just one of the best times.  Michael is an awesome director with a great vision and I just love how it all turned out. Filming in beautiful Queensland, Australia was such a dream. The people were fantastic, the locations were breathtaking and working everyday side by side with Dylan and Rooker was as fun as you can imagine; I just love those guys!

Minnow is such a cool character. How did you prepare for this role?
Isn’t she awesome?! Well, when I first arrived I got to train with a specialist on some of the weapons like the compound bow I use. I learned how to operate it safely and shoot straight so that was helpful and fun. Then I just created her whole look and feel with the hair and makeup department and props people. I found a bunch of little things that you may not necessarily see but mean the world to her.

What was the most challenging part of this role?
Some of the locations were really remote and we would fly in by helicopter to them, which was awesome.  In the swamp it could get crazy; we had people around set and us at all times on the hunt for dangerous snakes and spiders or any other unwanted guests.

In what ways are you similar (or not) to your onscreen persona? 
Honestly, I see a lot of myself in Minnow, especially if I were in her situation. She’s tough but compassionate and wants to understand and see the good in the creatures.  She fears humans more than the monsters and I can relate to that.

Without giving any spoilers, what do you think will surprise people to know about the film?
Just how fun it is. It’s really an easy fun film that everyone will like. It has action, romance, comedy and the greatest dog ever!

As a fashion-focused magazine, we have to ask… How would you describe your personal style? 
Street Casual with a little bit of Rock n Roll. Wrap your head around that!

What has been your favourite red carpet look? 
Bad Moms Christmas

You are a busy actress! What upcoming projects are you excited about?
Well, I have Love and Monsters this month, Awake from Netflix sometime in 2021, Boss Baby: Family Business in March of 2021 and In the Heights in the summer of 2021! Currently, you can watch The One and Only Ivan on Disney+!

Finally, this year has been a rollercoaster. What have you done to say positive? What advice would you give to other kids?
My advice would be to try something new. Discover a new interest or hobby. That’s what I did during this time. I found exercise videos on YouTube. I learned how to edit videos and launched my own YouTube channel just for fun. I stayed busy creatively with arts and crafts, reading, watching older movies and just trying to keep myself busy creatively and physically.

(ps. while your kiddos may recognize Ariana from Disney’s Stuck in the Middle and The One and Only Ivan, this film is rated PG-13 for action/violence, language and some suggestive material.) 

photography by Robyn Breen Sheen, Styling Sister Styling, Hair by J.Michael Hair, Makeup by Melissa Hernandez. 

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