Young Actor Chase Brown shines in HBO’s Lovecraft Country

Have you watched HBO’s Lovecraft Country yet? Based on the novel of the same name by Matt Ruff, “Lovecraft Country” follows the story of Atticus Freeman, as he travels across the U.S. in the 1950s in search of his missing father. From Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams,  the story explores the conjunction between the horror fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and racism in the United States during the era of Jim Crow laws.

While the horror drama television series isn’t for kids, but we couldn’t be more excited about the budding young talent – Chase Brown – who you’ll see on screen in the role of young Atticus!  The 11-year-old actor has just started out, but he is already landing really exciting roles. This year, Chase joined the latest season of Tyler Perry’s “Ruthless” and “The Underground Railroad” from Amazon Studios.

We were excited to chat with Chase about this exciting role in Lovecraft Country!

photo credit – Michael Justice

PCM: What challenges are there when bringing your character to life?
Chase: The biggest challenge I had when bringing my character to life was having to cut off all of my hair that I had been growing. I had to have the look of a kid in that time era. That was the first big hair cut I had in some years. That was an emotional moment. But I’m no longer attached to my hair; it’s just hair, but it has grown back.

What is going to surprise people about this show?
The things that will surprise people about the show is Atticus’ journey and the things that he encounters throughout the series, which is going to be quite interesting.

In what ways do you relate to your character, young Atticus Freeman? And how is this character different from you?
I relate to my character, Young Atticus, because we are both kids and, like him, I also share lots of memories with my family.  We are different because I and Young Atticus don’t dress the same. He has on a suit and I like wearing basketball shorts, shirts and sneakers. He also wears glasses and that’s something I don’t wear.

Without giving anything away, what was your favourite line of dialogue or moment when filming? My favorite moment was when I got to interact with Michael K. Williams. I had just watched him in a TV series, and I was like wow, it’s really him. This was my first time meeting an actor that I’ve watched.

photo credit – Michael Justice

Did you learn anything surprising that you didn’t know about American history when filming? Just getting to see how people lived and what homes during that time looked like was interesting and how kids like me dressed. Even the things that were inside the house were a lot different.

Why did you get into acting? What challenges have you faced as a young actor in a big industry? I got into acting because my parents thought it would be good for me. I love reading and when I was a really little kid I was always in plays and programs. I haven’t faced many challenges just yet but I have learned to audition for things and move on.

What was your experience like auditioning for HBO’s Lovecraft Country?
The experience auditioning for Lovecraft Country was good. I submitted my pictures and information and waited to hear back. I was just glad to be picked out of so many kids. I’m just glad to be a part of such a cool show!

Do you have a role model? Why is this person important to you – what has he/she accomplished that you wish to emulate? Odell Beckham Jr, because he is my favorite football player and he inspires me to want to be great! He is also a great dancer and I like dancing too. He’s an awesome athlete and the reason I had not cut my hair before Lovecraft Country. But it was funny that after I cut my hair I saw him and he had cut his too. I wish to accomplish something great that everyone recognizes me for like his one-handed catch!

photo credit – Michael Justice

Besides acting, what are your hobbies? How would you optimally spend a Sunday afternoon? My hobbies include fishing, basketball and acting.  But my normal Sunday afternoon is when I train for track. Every Sunday I workout with my older brother on the track. I believe staying in shape and being healthy is important.

How are you managing balancing schoolwork and your career?
I manage to balance school work and my career pretty well. My teachers were understanding when I missed days. I’m still a straight-A student in school.

Who do you think should watch Lovecraft Country? 
I think anyone that likes thrillers and horror should watch Lovecraft Country.

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