Britannical Introduces ‘Young London’ a Heritage AW20 Outerwear Collection!

While we may be still enjoying the balmy afternoon temperatures, cool summer evenings are a sure sign that Fall is just around the corner! Perfectly poised to outfit your kid’s this autumn is award-winning luxury children’s coat specialists – Britannical.

Offering up beautifully tailored outerwear for boys and girls aged 1 – 10 years, heritage brand Britannical offers a sophisticated, modern style using the finest British craftsmanship and premium wool cloths. The ethical children’s collection has a history dating back to the Victorian era and brings time-honoured traditions and principles to their production process. In a market of fast fashion, synthetic fabrics, offshoring and degrading labour practices, Britannical proudly takes a different approach, handcrafting their line of coats in the heart of London.

While bringing tradition and heritage to everything they do, the collection offers a modern form of British luxury we love! The past inspires their designs, but their goal is to revitalize and refine the traditional to make designs that are timeless yet relevant today and in the future.

With one foot in the past and eyes for the future, we couldn’t be most excited about this brand and their perfect fall collection!

Their new AW20 collection, “Young London,” includes over ten intricate styles, each inspired by separate districts of London, England! We take a trip through vibrant neighbourhoods throughout a collection that tells a story of true British luxury, fusing traditional and forward-looking style influences! From the distinctive girls’ two-tone Kensington gallery coat in both conventional and pastel colours, to the vibrant 1960s inspired Islington weekend coat. ‘Young London’ showcases the brand’s emphasis on superior attention to detail, immaculate tailoring with styles that make a statement!

We can’t get enough of The Clerkenwell coat for boys and girls! Named after the area of London which once housed some of the finest workshops in the world, this jacket is crafted with pure lambswool from a mill with over 230 years of heritage. The intricate button detail on the sleeves and the belt across the back add just the right amount of character – it’s the perfect statement piece without saying a word. We love clothing that can be passed from sibling to sibling, so with buttons that fasten in either direction, this coat is perfectly tailored for sisters and brothers!

The Bloomsbury Pea Coat is another style we simply adore! This coat is named after an area of London where creativity, free-thinking and unashamed eccentricity have flourished since the mid 19th Century. These are, of course, characteristics that we champion in childhood! This tribute to the more colourful side of quintessential Britishness is our favourite.

Check out more of the Britannical coats we love below and discover their new fall collection by visiting

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