Welcome to Nadadelazos’ Land of Open Hearts

Nadadelazos is an imaginative child’s mind materialized. Translating to ‘no ribbons’, this brand is truly free of the confines of traditional childrenswear. Instead, this brand opts for unconventional, vivid, and fantastic prints displayed across only organic cotton. The prints range from landscapes of coastal Kerala to smiley monkeys doing yoga, and beyond! All including the signature Nadadelazos presence of creativity, freedom, and thoughtfulness. 

The Gulpi Bird Swimsuit.

Created in Madrid by German designer, Kristina Laux, the 10-year-old Nadadelazos has stood by their philosophy with every season. These beliefs focus on sustainability as a foundation for the brand. The key goal for Nadadelazos is to create a better reality for the children currently wearing their clothes. They tackle this task by using eco-friendly fabrics, recyclable packaging, and donating portions of their profits to environmental charities. They have even been awarded the Confianza Online Trust Mark, a qualification only given to companies making true efforts towards ethical responsibility.

Nadadelazos - Poster Child Magazine
Cambric Love Dress

The spring/summer 2020 line is no different. Nadadelazos introduces the character of Aditi, a girl that lives by the slogan of her country, the land of open hearts. Enclosed in this mantra are the lessons Aditi learned from her grandmother, to be grateful, listen to your inner soul, and that positive thoughts are bigger than negative ones. These concepts are included in every piece of Nadadelazos newest collection. The Waldi Watermelon hoodie is meant to spread smiles, the Gulpi Bird Swimsuit is perfect for exploring, and the Cambric Love Dress shares all the positivity. 

Nadadelazos - Poster Child Magazine
Waldi Watermelon, Relaxxx Pant and Tadria Tiger T-shirt.

There is no shortage of fun anywhere in the collection! Even the basic combination of the Relaxxx Pant and Tadria Tiger T-shirt is sure to become a playground staple!

Playful styles for the whole family can be found in the wide size range from 3 months to 10 years. And Nadadelazos even has a women’s line in corresponding prints from the children’s; with sizes ranging from EU 36 (US 6) to 42 (US 12)!

Happiness is calling, answer that call with clothing that shows your feelings on the outside! Check out www.nadadelazos.com for an endless supply of smiles!

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