AS WE GROW Celebrates Summer Freedoms for SS20

As we herald in the spring & summer months, let the earth blooming remind us of our responsibility to the world we live in. The s/s 2020 collection from Icelandic childrenswear brand, AS WE GROW, presents an arrangement of lovely sustainable materials, for the world & for your children. Made from organic cotton and linen, the collection is lightweight & will last for the long haul. The collection is rooted in AS WE GROW’s philosophy of long-lasting quality garments that can be passed on from generation to generation & from family to friends. 

The Collection includes linen shirts, organic cotton cardigans, Pima skirts along with alpaca blend dresses, and bonnets in white and pink. More styles come in knitted organic cotton such as a short sleeve openwork cardigan along with the softest matching pants. 

The styles are inspired by the annual summer solstice, a unique time of year where day extends through to the evening, & there are plenty more hours for playtime as a result. The clothing is airy, light, & perfect for daytime adventures. The colour palette is soft and themed to shades seen in nature, such as straw, sage, and pale lilac. Pure linen pocket dresses, simple overalls, and collarless shirts are perfect for keeping cool whilst playing outside during these warm seasonal days. 

Pieces knitted from organic cotton and blended with alpaca, such as the Best Friend Dress and Diamond Cardigan, are ideal for any time of year as well. 

Every AS WE GROW piece is created with an enduring quality that will appeal to many over several generations. An emphasis on traditional & reliable design recalls a homespun feel from the days when clothing was often made by hand, not bought. The clothes are designed to fit for longer than a year. For example, the sizes go from 6-18 months, 3-5 years and 6-8 years, designed with utility and functionality in mind. 

The beauty of AS WE GROW lies not only with their charming collection and style but with the charming origin story of a woollen sweater that had been knitted in Reykjavik, Iceland. The sweater had become a ‘travelling heirloom’. For over a decade this garment has been passed on from boy to girl; loved, worn, lost, and found again. 

We can all relate to the feeling of sentimentality towards our most reliable pair of jeans or a beloved sweater that no longer fits. Unwilling to waste the potential it still has, we can opt to pass its loveliness on. So too, AS WE GROW hopes for children to make lifelong memories while wearing their favourite cardigan to keep out the chill, or playing in a pair of linen pants that protect scabbed knees.  

When looking for the perfect sustainable styles, be sure to keep AS WE GROW in mind. 

Discover the new AS WE GROW collection on their website


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