Explore Everlasting Wardrobe’s Indie Mixtape: Eco-friendly & Organic Clothing

We’ve teamed up with Everlasting Wardrobe, as we both work with some amazing brands from around the world. Not every brand is designed for every wearer.  Members of EW have the opportunity to select from clothing-style presets so they can expect the type of clothing they want to see. Each preset or “Station” represents a different type of style or utility. For instance, the “Funk” Preset is wacky, wild, and “funky” patterns. “Jazz” is for a classic and timeless approach to fashion. So if you are a nostalgic music lover, pop this cassette in your walkman and hold film strips up to the sun to learn all about these awesome all organic and eco-friendly brands!

We want to share one of our favourite themes: the “Indie” Station Preset. We hear from parents all the time that they’re looking for brands that are organic or use eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing. Many of these brands are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Welcome to Indie Mixtape Vol 1, where your family now knows the brands that have put in the extra effort to leave the planet in a better place for our children.

Burt’s Bees Baby: Yes, that Burt’s Bees! The company that has brought similar care to their other products, now offer an organic children’s line. Burt’s Bees Baby has the PJ’s to outfit the whole family to match and fit our Lullaby Station. But, this US-based brand’s signature 100% organic cotton is known for being heavenly soft and gentle on you or your baby’s delicate skin, yet durable through endless washes. Best yet, all of their pieces are super affordable so they won’t break the bank.

EFVVA: Brands can fit into multiple styles and Stations. EFVVA is also a great fit for our Funk Station. It features unique styles, prints, colours, and embellishments. This Poland based brand’s clothing is wearable artwork; so much so, that they have a line hand-painted by the Owner and Creative Director, Ewa. With all this attention to detail, it’s a wonder how they can find time to search for eco-friendly materials and build such a close relationship with their manufacturing partners.

Eternal Creation: This international brand carries Fair Trade certifications from Australia, New Zealand, and India to make sure their partners have access to safe working conditions and livable wages. Eternal Creation have been do-gooders in the fashion world for 17 years and they continue to provide adorable and sustainable options for girls and boys.

Red Caribou: All of their patterns and prints are first hand-drawn then processed digitally and finally screen-printed with non-toxic, water-based inks. Each of their collections is inspired by animals and nature. They have decided to manage and handle all the manufacturing process by themselves, to ensure the environmental, social and labour respect. Luckily based in Lima, Peru they have access to 100% Pima Cotton and 100% GOTS Pima Cotton nearby.

CarlijnQ: This Netherlands based lifestyle brand is built on providing soft materials and comfortable fits to families all over the world. They use primarily GOTS certified cotton, and recycled polyester denim to minimize their impact on planet earth. Their minimalist styles and prints are loved by even the pickiest of children.

If you’d like to see clothing from brands like these delivered monthly, check out Everlasting Wardrobe to learn more!

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