Trend Spotting at Pitti Bimbo 90

This season at Pitti Bimbo 90, many gathered in Florence to seek the latest trends for kids’ fashion. While there were numerous styles featured, there were 6 key fair trends that stood out most this season. We can’t wait to see how your kids will wear them this coming fall/winter 2020 season. 

Daily Elegance

The trend has many style compositions, but it is mainly presented in a retro-vintage form. For girls, the ensembles are composed of tartan fabrics, Sangallo lace, crochets, and floral jacquard knitwear. For boys, the pieces include velvet and lace-trimmed formal jackets, sporty-detailed suits, paired with sneakers for comfort. To accessorize, we spotted thick belts, berets, and oversized beanies.

Outdoor Explorers

Outdoor explorer is a trend to signify the adventurous kid personality. The theme of each ensemble includes all-climate outerwear. For both boys and girls, parkas, trench coats, and jackets allow for a comfortable outfit in any weather. For accessories, designers have added protective jacket hoods with integrated goggles.

Cocoon Effect

The cocoon effect is ideal for occasions inside and outside the bedroom. The idea of this trend is to add pajamas as everyday wear. For boys, the styles included classic robes and luxurious-looking pajamas. For infants, the ensembles incorporate kimonos, and onesies in neutral tones. For girls, the collection presents idyllic nightshirts.


The Party Dress

The classic party dress was revamped into a pleasant spice for every season! The style includes sequins, glitter, oversized bows, balloon and multilayer skirts, sophisticated variants. The party dress is designed and styled with maxi belts, chiffon sleeves, and in laminated fabrics and accessorized with a headband. 





Kids dressed by nature.

The concept brings to light the influence of a child’s thinking of nature. For both boys and girls, each fabric is designed with recycled wool, cruelty-free materials, and organic cotton. The prints in the collection are vibrant and perfectly showcase the animals pictured. Because a love for nature is learned from a young age, kids will appreciate graphics that depict wildlife friends: polar bears, snow owls, squirrels, foxes, skunks and mallards. 



Lifestyle: Design that helps kids grow up.

This trend is all about blending beauty with practicality. With a keen awareness for the environment, and integration of multi-purpose products into every space children occupy.  Children’s backpacks can be reproduced into toys, a reversible hat initiates a game of dress-up.  Elements incorporated in this trend aim to simplify life for mom and dad. You’ll find 100% biodegradable tableware, teethers made with antimicrobial material, and co-sleeping cradles. The mission is to help make life sweeter!



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