Editor’s Review: Playmobil Magic, A Royal Play Date

Earlier this month we were gifted two amazing play sets from Playmobil and this past weekend was the perfect time for our Editor, Rebecca, to unbox them. Read more below!

Winter has arrived leaving a thick layer of snow outside and bringing with it sub-zero temperatures too chilly for outdoor play. So, of course, I was thrilled to tear open these magical and winter themed parcels as the snow began to fall.

Since 1974, Playmobil has become a classic of children’s playrooms worldwide! I played with Playmobil with my younger brothers growing up and it was often found in the homes of families I babysat for as a teenager. About 3 billion of their beloved play figures have been produced since the brand’s creation and have found home with children in 100 countries worldwide. I’m thrilled to be adding such a timeless and high-quality toy to our play room, items that I’m surely stimulate imagination and creativity for years to come!

The creative folks at Playmobil are constantly coming up with new ideas and additions to bring long-lasting fun to kiddos everywhere and we are thrilled with their Playmobil Magic line.

I quickly remembered that assembly is not for the faint of heart. The Magic Crystal Palace includes nearly 1,000 pieces and the box conservatively suggests a time frame of 110 minutes to build the structure and piece together all the teeny tiny elements.  I’d say the tedious construction is well worth the effort. The instructions were easy to follow and most of the pieces are simple to find amongst the various bags found within the box.

The royal sleigh set, on the other hand, was complete in just a few minutes and occupied my eager daughter while I assembled the palace.

The Playmobil Magic Crystal Palace had us ready to set off on a dazzling adventure in our living room, while exploring the icy kingdom with a royal couple in their horse-drawn sleigh. My little one was quick to suggest an outfit change to suit the occasion. She picked a favourite tiara from PLUM and sparkly sequinned tulle dress from Rocco Clothing for our royal play date together.

The attention to detail of the Crystal Palace is simply amazing. Kids can dress the queen and princess in a variety of outfits, housed on a functional clothing rack; the magical hoop skirt even changes pattern in the cold! The fully-furnished palace comes with a bed, rocking chair, throne, rug, vanity and dressing table along with a ton of little décor items; the characters can even look out a telescope or write a letter with a quill!

My daughter’s favourite feature is the glowing magic jewel which flickers up through the ice floor from the palace cave below along with the horse, who has developed his own plot line.  My favourite element is the secret fold-away staircase leading from the second floor to the princesses’ chambers on the 3rd level and the gemstone shield at the front gate which lowers icicles, blocking the entry of unwanted guests.

These two sets have been well loved over the weekend! In fact, I think the palace and sleigh have been played with more than a few Christmas gifts; I’d say they are a hit. I’m excited to watch my daughter be creative and use her imagination with these sets as we spend more time indoors in the coming weeks!

Find a full range of Playmobil Magic play sets on their website or browse their selection of unique themes for something your child will love!

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