Bellerose SS2020: Springing into Urban Cultures

Take a look into luxurious Belgium with the elusively established clothing brand, Bellerose. Created originally by Patrick Ven Heurick in 1989, the label became a merchant for select men’s clothing and later branched distribution to women and children’s wear. 

Throughout the years, Bellerose not only expanded their branches but broadened their style. The “Bellerose style” is known as casual and fresh. The concept behind each garment is to integrate versatility into one’s wardrobe. Nevertheless, the designers incorporate a style that fits every event. Every collection is bound together through a conclusive theme through colors, prints, and fabrics. 

For the upcoming Spring/Summer 2020 season, Bellerose designers anticipate introducing the theme of Urban Tribes. The kids’ collection is set to feature streetwear and activewear while incorporating ethnic elements. Creators are inspired by the diverse cities in Africa that house rich color schemes, new elements, and astounding culture.

The girls’ department includes spring colors and color-blocking designs. While the compilation is determined to be ethnic and colorful, the idea of comfortability remains. Alongside the girls’ selection, the boys’ line juxtaposes the primary theme. While the girls’ theme includes eclectic patterns, the boys’ theme replicates a perspective of the Urban culture. The selection highlights athleisure camouflage with the idea of versatility.  

We love how each piece featured is beautifully curated. Our favorite items from the collection include fun patterns and textures created for boys. As for girls, we admire how the selection has a vintage, bohemian vibe with vibrant colors. The focus of each piece replicates a fun-loving kid personality. From the free-spirited persona to the sporty nature, there is an item for every kid.

Taking a peek into the impending kids’ collection, Bellerose aspires to bring joy to those that obtain the pieces. The idea is to bring cultural knowledge and inspiration to all.

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