3 Fashion Habits to Teach Your Kids

A child’s fashion sense begins to take shape from birth, and their parents’ styles become part of their normal. With that said, when they start to dress themselves, you may wonder where they got the crazy idea to wear their clashing outfits. If you find yourself questioning your little one’s style choices (and consequently your own), read these fashion habits to teach your kids. This is a great way to help your child get a head start on their own creative style before they start making big fashion decisions on their own.

Praise the Process

Even fashion faux-paus are praiseworthy because that means your child is dressing themselves! That’s the first step—and early missteps are good to learn from. Who knows, a certain hat or shirt that you don’t like with one of their outfits may come together as your little one gets a better sense of what to do with said items. Trial and error is their friend, and it’s nothing for you to worry about.

Clothing Hygiene

It’s crucial that clothes aren’t wrinkled or smelly. Teaching clothing hygiene can begin with having your child plan out their outfits for the week. This will help ensure cleanliness, and it deters them from peeling a shirt off the floor, tossing it on, and calling it a day. You can make a game out of doing laundry and putting clothes away too! Making it fun is a good way to ensure they learn good clothing hygiene and avoid sloppy fashion habits.

Shop and Dress Together

Go shopping together and hold little fashion shows! Clothing stores are intimidating for little kids to navigate, with hundreds of clothing racks towering over their heads. Walk them through your shopping process in your section and theirs. Make sure to ask them questions along the way, so they can begin to own the space. Their creativity is important, and they’ll only be creative when they’re comfortable. Make sure they know how to put on the different clothes by trying on something similar yourself. Walking through these steps is helpful because most children don’t grasp fashion nuances right away. For example, you’ll have to teach them how to get their clothes to stay a certain way. This fashion habit to teach your kids—showing them how to shop and dress—empowers your child to own a style that portrays their personality.

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