On a recent return to NYC, photographer Natasha Harri set out to capture 14 diverse young faces against a backdrop of the city they work in. These tiny talents are, in fact, their own bosses, pounding the New York sidewalk pavement on their way to castings and campaigns, with agents that work for them! Natasha captured the best street style of some of the key working children of New York and each one shares a few words about their experience in the industry in our latest Online Exclusive. 

Photography & Interview by Natasha Harri


Ava: @avanoelle_bxnyc
I’m Ava-Noelle age 8! I been modeling since I’m two years old with Zuri Model and Talent. Every experience I had so far has been a positive one. I have worked with such amazing brands and met so many talented kids and people along the way. Working on special projects with professional photographers on the streets of NYC is probably my favorite, It’s a whole vibe! Everyone looks and watches and it makes me feel so cool!!! I have other things I’m interested in as well like boxing and cheerleading for my school but I enjoy the time I get to spend with my mom traveling to the city for castings and standing in front of a camera doing my thing the most!


Rowan: @rowanjamescooper
Rowan left the Sunshine State for the Big Apple 3 years ago and she has not looked back. NYC has her heart! She has a true passion for performing and loves modeling and acting. When Rowan is not in front of the camera, you can find her at the beach surfing or on the slopes snowboarding.


Riley: @iseeriley
Riley is with New York Models and officially became a teenager this year, she started modeling when she was 7 years old. Riley loves the mystery and excitement of every project she has been lucky enough to work on. She is always excited to meet the talent and crew and see the magical sets that have been created. The icing on the cake is when there are pets on set – one of her favorite jobs was working with 6 Siberian Husky puppies for a Holiday shoot. Every project has been a wonderful learning experience filled with many memories she will cherish forever. Riley is most grateful for all the wonderful friends she has made along the way. In her spare time, Riley loves to rollerblade, go to Krav Maga and attend acting school on the weekends.


Rhys: @rhys_olivia
My Name is Rhys Olivia Cote. I am 10 years old. I have been modeling since the age of 3 1/2 and started acting at the age of 6 1/2 when I was picked to be on Little big shots with Steve Harvey. It really became a passion for me when I landed a role in The Equalizer 2, acting alongside Denzel Washington. I have a New Movie coming out “My adventures with Santa” and will be on two upcoming tv shows castle rock and Nos4a2.  I am beyond blessed and thankful for the ones who have supported, loved and helped me get to where I am. I have learned that you have to go after your dreams and believe in yourself.  When I am not acting or modeling I love to spend time with my family and friends. I play the piano, dance and sing. I have a huge love for animals and would someday like to own a no-kill shelter with my mom.  When I grow up I want to be a lawyer,  but would like to continue to act.


Misty: @misty.nyc
Misty has been modeling for 5 years, she started when she was 7 years old. Misty is with New York Models, her favorite modeling assignments are when she gets to travel. Every assignment is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. She has loved every minute of this incredible journey – she is very grateful for her agents and for the all the wonderful friendships she has made along the way. Outside of school, Misty loves to sing in a choir, explore the city on her bicycle, go thrifting and attend acting school on the weekends.


Luke: @lukekainyc
I have been modeling for just under a year. I was fortunate enough to break into the world of modeling through an amazing casting director. I was a “street kid” for my first two jobs ….. we realized that if we were to stay in this industry I would need an agent so we signed on with New York Model Management. In a short space of time, I’ve learnt life lessons that will stay with me whatever I’ll end up doing. Always show up on time, be confident and humble, have fun and be respectful, learn from others and be grateful. Most of all enjoy the experience!


Jayden: @jaydenpyram
This is Jayden Pyram. With his addictive charm and signature golden smile this Zuri agency model has been able to captivate anyone he comes across. A 12-year-old kid socialite widely recognized for his mainstream modeling accolades in commercials, prints and publications such as Ralph Lauren, Nike and Gap is most content with helping kids with ADHD. Spreading his attention span message through TedTalks and music Jayden has no plans on stopping anytime soon


Indy: @indyminkoff
Indy decided when he was 10 he wanted to work so he had a meeting with Teri B Talent and was instantly signed on their team. The next thing we knew he was working in NYC regularly with Ralph Lauren, Gap, The Children’s Place etc… This little adventure was so much more than he could’ve hoped for. He has made so many friends, had so many amazing and life-changing experiences working with all sorts of brands, photographers and amazing people. Indy loves being on set, shinning in front of the camera, playing basketball and being with his family!


I am Hartley Belle and just as my name suggests I am full of charm!  Being in this industry has brought me so many amazing experiences and memories.  Opening the bridal fashion show for Oscar de la Renta and working continually with the dress company US Angels since I was 5 are some of my favorites! I love the energy of NYC and meeting new people at castings and photoshoots.  Being able to be myself with giggles and laughs and also some kidditude at a shoot are so much fun.  Outside of school, I love playing soccer and basketball, playing my violin and enjoying the winter weekends in Vermont skiing.

Halina: @halina_luna_james

I love that I can fully be myself when acting and modeling. At school you have to be quiet, go with the flow. Not at a shoot, I’m like “I’m here!” Right now I’m auditioning for some cool TV shows and movies hopefully you will see me on a screen near you soon


Grace: @janelle.melnyk
Grace started in this industry in Kindergarten. Each year makes it a little more difficult to balance work and school, especially starting middle school this year! But, when you’re doing something you love, you make it work!


Ella: @ella_dane_
Ella is an 8-yr-old theatre, film and commercial actress who made her Broadway debut at the age of 4 in WAITRESS the Musical. During her year-long run as ‘Lulu’, she was thrilled to perform live in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade & on Good Morning America. Ella can be seen in domestic & international commercials, short films, & the feature film “Princess Cut 2” coming in 2020. Ella currently juggles school and work through careful time management and has been homeschooling since the fall of 2018.  She loves the flexibility it gives her to learn wherever she may be.  Ella dances 3 days a week, takes voice lessons, and enjoys dramatic arts classes or workshops whenever possible.  In the future Ella would love to be a series regular on a TV show, to continue to work on exciting film projects, and maybe even return to Broadway one day! Ella is represented by Abrams Artists Agency.


Devin: @devin123nyc
Devin Graber – NYC – Teri B Talent. Likes trips to CVS for candy, watching horror movies on Netflix, listening to music, making tiktoks with friends and shopping in Soho. Future goal – surviving seventh grade


Carly: @carlyconnorsnyc
I’ve been modeling and acting now for about 3+ years and love it. I’m lucky that I go to a school that supports what I do. I’ve met a lot of wonderful friends in this industry and am grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve been given. When you love what you do it’s never a job!

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