How to Dress Kids in Style for the Holidays

Cold weather comes with ample opportunity for trying new fashions. Although you might already have a sense of style, dressing up your kids during the holiday season can be stressful. Babies, toddlers, and young children don’t want to dress up. That’s why every parent should know how to dress their kids in style for the holidays.

Outfits for Babies

One of the hardest things for new parents is knowing how to dress their babies in style. It can be a handful just going out to a holiday party or family gathering with your newborn. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to style your baby for any holiday event. Every new parent should have a new bib on their list of travel items. Spit-ups, spills, and stains are naturally occurring for infants. You can even add some elegance with a lace gown or little suit for portraits. If you don’t want to risk ruining nice clothes, simply add an accessory such as a little hat or bow for a fancy touch.

Fancy Clothes

For toddlers and young children, it’s appropriate to dress them in nicer clothes. Boys look great in soft button-down shirts, chinos or khaki pants, and a bow tie or vest. If button-downs aren’t his style, opt for a polo instead. Dress girls in skirts and tights for a cute, formal look. Jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, adds a nice touch without looking too flashy. Now’s the time to try dress shoes or some sparkly flats to truly accentuate their outfit. Don’t be afraid to add a suit jacket or hairpiece for a festive flair. Your children are sure to look picture-perfect.

Have Fun with PJs

PJ’s from Hanna Andersson

You can dress your children in a casual, laidback style as well. Nothing says holiday fashion more than festive pyjamas. Buy sets of matching pyjamas for the whole family. Something small like this can turn into a new family tradition that everyone will love. Single colours are easiest to pull off to ensure everyone matches. Since it’s the holidays, red, green, grey, or white are appropriate colour choices. Mix-and-match colours to really get into the holiday spirit!

Bundle Up for Cold Weather

Even if you’re just taking your kids out to play in the snow, it’s important they look their best. The number one rule for any winter activity is to stay warm. That’s why it’s important to bundle up! Even if you live in a region that doesn’t typically boast a cold climate, such as the South, you can’t go wrong with layering. This is always an appropriate way to dress for winter no matter where you are. Jackets, hats, snow pants, thick socks, boots, and gloves are all must-haves for outside in the col

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