Curate a Sustainable Kids Wardrobe: 9 Companies Here to Help

With all of the talk of sustainability in the fashion industry, one segment that is sadly a large contributor is the children’s market. At Poster Child, we know sustainability is the only way forward for the fashion industry and we are excited to see more and more brands step up, offering amazing eco-friendly lines. However, purchasing an entire wardrobe each season of exclusively eco-consciously kids’ clothing is not an economical option for most families. So what can style-savvy, eco-conscious parents do?

We are super excited to see a variety of companies emerging that hope to help families consume less while spending less! Families can now purchase or rent new and previously worn items and parents have more options to resell items online than ever (it’s called re-commerce). We’ve collected up-and-coming, and the most popular companies that are here to help reduce, reuse and recycle your little one’s wardrobe! 

1. Everlasting Wardrobe

One company that hopes to grow with your child, Everlasting Wardrobe, is a monthly clothing rental membership for kids. Parents can rent high-quality, eco-friendly, and seasonally appropriate clothing, that fit your children today! For 8 pieces of clothing, every month, plans start at $40/month and there is free shipping both ways. Children can wear the clothes as much as they want for 30 days. Afterwhich, parents can buy items from their wardrobe or send everything back and get another tailored Wardrobe. For parents not keen on previously worn clothing, the VIP Plan option guarantees brand new apparel in every Wardrobe. With either plan option, not only will you spend less for your child to wear more, but you will also be reducing harmful textile waste and production. Everlasting Wardrobe donates all inventory removed from service to families in need; anything too damaged to donate is sent to recycling partners to eliminate textile waste in landfills.


Rent the Runway & Rainey’s Closet

Two clothing rental companies, that have similar business models to each other are Rainey’s Closet and Rent the Runway. RtR that is known for its women’s wear rental service is now entering the kids market. It’s a new addition, but their offering seems to focus more on “occasion wear,” and individual-item short-term rentals starting at $30-$75/piece. While you may have sticker shock, the rental prices are far more affordable than the retail price of designer pieces by brands like Fendi, Chloé or Marni Kids. Rainey’s Closet has been around longer, has options for boys too, and allows users to include accessories in their orders.


Poshmark is an online marketplace that lets users sell and purchase a wide range of pre-owned clothing and accessories from others using the platform. There’s a bit more work associated with Poshmark for sellers. Users selling goods need to take their own photos, provide product descriptions, negotiate the sale, and pack and ship the item at the Post Office. But, Poshmark provides the opportunity to discover amazing deals, and also for parents to recoup the money back on their original purchase.


For consignment store options, thredUP is the largest of the bunch, and they work with children’s, men’s, and women’s clothing and accessories. For those looking to sell their items, but don’t have the time or ability to photo and list their items, threadUP is the company for them. All items customers send are checked for quality and functionality, so anyone buying from the site can feel confident about their purchases. The selling process can take some time, but once you’ve sent your items, there is no other effort needed. Although many of the brands and labels featured on the site are “fast fashion”, it provides families with a cheaper purchasing option, and potentially finds a second life for what would normally end up in landfills.

Kids on 45th 

Another company with consignment roots; Kids on 45th are focused on children. This Seattle based store will sell your items on consignment, but sellers will only receive for store credit. The company also has a subscription box aspect. Kids on 45th send assortments of clothing, monthly or seasonally, for parents to request and keep.


Even More Options!

The United States is not the only market to see rental and more eco-friendly clothing options popup. There are other great companies around the world. For example, the UK based Bundlee and Belles & Babes are in the rental space. Closer to home, Tradle, from Vancouver Canada, charges a monthly fee to send 10-20 pieces bundles of new or gently used clothing that can be sent back once they no longer fit. 

Below is a visual break down of how all these awesome companies compare to each other! Which will you want to try out?

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