Online Editorial Exclusive, Autumn Song by Paul Thorburn

What could be more special than making memories with your kiddos this autumn? The sweet mother-daughter moments captured in our newest Online Editorial Exclusive by photographer Paul Thorburn give us a window into a day of flower picking, hide and sneak and family fun, while providing ample fashion inspiration for the fall season. Full of subtle mom + me matching moments we adore! Entitled Autumn Song, the mood of this shoot reminded us of words from a song of the same name.

Art Direction & Styling: Michelle Pierre-Carr
Photography: Paul Thorburn
Photo Assistant: Andrew McKay
Hair & Makeup: Jacqueline MacDonald
Models: Aja & Lily Thorburn

Paul Thornburn - Poster Child Magazine

Leaves of brown they fall to the ground
And it’s here, over there leaves around
Shut the door, dim the lights and relax
What is more, your desire or the facts

Paul Thornburn - Poster Child Magazine
Lily wears: Dress by Bellerose, Headband by Primark Cream, Boots by Young Soles. Aja wears Dress by LA Double J.

Pitter-patter the rain falling down
Little glamour sun coming round
Take a walk when autumn comes to town

Paul Thornburn - Poster Child Magazine
Aja wears: Dress by Caramel Lily wears Dress by Lii Lu
Paul Thornburn - Poster Child Magazine
Lily wears blouse by Bellrose, Skirt by Lii lu

Little stroll past the house on the hill
Some more coal on the fire will do well
And in a week or two, it’ll be Halloween
Set the page and the stage for the scene

Paul Thornburn - Poster Child Magazine
Aja wears skirt by A.w.a.k.e Mode, Blouse by See by Chloe. Lily wears Dress by Chloe, Boots by Young Soles.
Aja wears Dress by Louis Louise Lily wears Coat by Jelly Mallow, Dress by Louis Louise

Little game the children will play
And as we watch them while time away
Look at me and take my breath away yeah

Lily wears Cape by Chloe, Grey hat by Primark

You’ll be smiling eyes beguilding
And the song on the breeze
Will call my name out and your dream
Chestnuts roasting outside as you walk
With your love by your side

Lily wears Dress by Bellerose, boots by Young Soles, Hat by Primark, Vest: Stylists Own.
Lily wears Jumpsuit by ImoImo, Beret by Primark, Boots by Young Soles.

The old accordion man plays mellow and bright
And you go home in the crispness of the night

Lily wears Blouse by Zadig & Voltaire, Skirt by Louis Louise, Boots by Young Soles.

Song Lyrics: Autumn Song by Sir Van Morrison 

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