Head In The Sky, Online Editorial Exclusive by Evgenia Karica

In the dreamy, sad moments;
we aren’t quite ready to let summer go.

Photography, Direction & Styling by Evgenia Karica /Smiley Kids Photo
; HMU by Olena ShapovalModels: Lexi (Teri B), Eva (New York Models), Brooklynn (Zuri), Madison (New York Models)  

Look Above: Top & Skirt by Tia Cibani

Looks Above: ILOVEPLUM

Above Looks: Swimsuits: PETITE HAILEY, Bomber: MOLO, Skirt: JUSBE, Tutu Dresses: ILOVEPLUM

Above Looks: Dress and cape: PETITE HAILEY


Above Looks: Tulle dresses: PETITE HAILEY, Tutu dress: ILOVEPLUM


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