Designer Q&A: Jooseph’s

Designed with Swiss magic, Jooseph’s takes the spirit of children being able to dance, jump, move, and play to develop fun comforts for all.

Read our much anticipated designer Q&A with founder Lisa Löffelwood.

What inspired the name of your label?

“jooseph’s” is the shortened form of “jooseph’s little monsters supply”. Of course, this name comes from the 5 little monsters that keep popping up in the stories of Joseph, the grandfather of the little wild Josephina. One of those monsters is hidden on every piece of clothing and looking forward to spending an exciting time with the kid where they found a new home.

What made you want to design for children?

After 15 years in the fashion industry I wanted to realign and had two ideas that I wanted to implement.

1. I wanted to develop a collection that makes kids fun! So I came to kids wear, my own daughter also inspired me. The kids should not only superficially have fun with our products, but also feel right at home! That’s why we focus on comfortable and cool cuts like our very successful jumpsuits, which we offer in cuddly soft fabrics.

2. My wish was and is to create products with a very small ecological footprint and to produce them as sustainably as possible. This means that we not only use organic fabrics, but also make sure that our transport routes are as short as possible. In addition, we only work with personally known manufacturers who have very high social standards.

What is your brand’s mission statement or goal?

Every product from jooseph’s should look fantastic and be great to wear! If a piece does not meet these requirements, it will not be included in our collection. In addition, it is very important to us in a cheeky unique way to stand out from the famous brand jungle.

What are the motivations or inspirations behind the designs?

In the creative development process, of course, we have our eyes open and look out for everything new and exciting. The main sources of inspiration are streetwear, dancewear and the catwalks of major brands, playgrounds, football fields and the urban streets of hip cities.

What makes your label stand out in the industry?

We focus on comfortable cuts and cool design. We take a lot pf of Swiss magic and create wonderful sustainable products.

How does your design philosophy change when creating for boys vs girls?

The philosophy does not change, the kids should have fun with our products, and also feel right at home!

What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?

Children who wear our clothes and have fun

What is your favourite item from the current collection?

The onesie in lemon check and the “I see you” allover printed pieces are amazing! 



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