Designer Q&A: Jack Davis

This weeks Designer Q&A follows Brittany from Jack Davis. The launch of the brand and inspiration stemmed from her two children and their colorful personalities. Brittany understands how important it is to keep comfort at the forefront of her designs,  and allowing your child to move freely. Read all about Jack Davis below:

What inspired the name of your label?
I come from a large, nontraditional family in the deep south where we have grandparents and step-grandparents and a parade of cousins! Family is so important to me but there are two men that I always looked up to, my Papa Jack & my Paw Paw Davis. When I decided to start this journey, I knew I wanted to incorporate their legacy into the name of my clothing line, hence, Jack Davis!

What made you want to design for children?
Not only am I the owner and designer of Jack Davis, but I’m a mother first. I have two boys, Landon (7) & Tatum (2). When they were younger, I became frustrated with the narrow selection of baby and toddler boys’ apparel. Unless you are into athleisure or graphic tees, I found the selection to be very limited. Given my background in the apparel industry and my degree in Apparel Merchandising, Design and Production Management from Auburn University – I really wanted to introduce an alternative to the traditional look that was on the market by using colorful prints, luxurious fabrics and trendy yet universal pieces.

What is your brand’s mission statement or goal?
To expand the narrow baby/toddler boys’ apparel market with colorful, trendy, American made pieces that are designed to brighten (and go!) with little ones all while keeping comfort at the forefront of our designs.

What are the motivations or inspirations behind the designs?
As I mentioned before, I have two boys and I absolutely adore them. Born and raised in Alabama, the vast majority of children’s apparel here are smocked outfits or seersucker whereas on the other end of the spectrum were dull colors and graphic tees everywhere. I wanted something more, something nontraditional and not mainstream. Jack Davis is completely inspired by my two children and their colorful personalities! Boys can wear color too!

Is there a style decade you are inspired by?
My design aesthetic varies from season to season but I feel that I will always stay true to classic lines with a modern twist.

What makes your label stand out in the industry?
Besides the use of color and trendy styles, most pieces are interchangeable too! I’m also committed to using luxurious yet practical fabrics. Babies and toddler are on the go and the last thing baby or mom wants is to feel restricted! We use a cotton-based fabric with a 4-way stretch, so not only is it a natural fiber but it’s buttery soft and provides plenty of give. Another thing that I am so proud of is the fact that every single garment is produced domestically. That is something that I’m very passionate about, knowing that I am supporting our local economy in that way.

How does your design philosophy change when creating for boys vs girls?
As a mom of two boys, I absolutely love designing for boys! I believe that my fellow boy mamas out there should have just as many options when shopping for their little one as the girl mamas! Yet, I can’t help but dive into my inner girl when designing for the little misses.

What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?
I cannot wait to share with y’all the new unisex pieces I’ve been working on for the Spring Summer 2020 collection! They’re colorful, yet timeless – and bold yet classic!

What is your favourite item from the current collection?
I can’t possibly choose just one, I love them all! But if I have to pick, I am absolutely adoring our long sleeve, full body romper in our Trusty Plaid print. It’s so stinking adorable on my youngest.


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