Inspired by Italy, Made in Canada: Meet NUSNUS

Buy fewer, buy better – this is the motto of children’s fashion label NUSNUS. Founded over a decade ago in Milan by veteran fashion designer Roxana Bellini, NUSNUS is focused on sustainability and simple silhouettes that will outlast passing fads. After moving to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2012 with her family, Roxana reluctantly put the growing brand on hold while she readjusted to life in the Pacific Northwest.  

In January 2019, NUSNUS returned with a capsule collection that quickly landed into a few stores. While an understated color palette has always been a signature of the brand, Canadian customers have requested more bright colors, so the spring/summer ’20 collection will include pops of color.

“I like the preppy style, elegant look, high-end details and exclusive fabrics and trims,” said Roxana, who studied at the Marangoni Institute of Fashion in Milan. “Here in the Northwest however, I quickly found that there is a higher request for vibrant-colored, well-made everyday clothing rather than “occasion wear.” So, I had to rethink my styles and how I build my collections while staying true to my brand DNA. Muted colors will always be a characteristic of NUSNUS but I’m adding more colorful prints for next SS20.”

For fall/winter ’19, NUSNUS will add a newborn essentials line and build on their existing styles, which includes tees, tunics, dresses, suspender pants, harem pants, hoodies, and leggings.

“I’m very inspired by architecture and anything linear,” said Roxana, who previously designed for Brums, one of Italy’s oldest children’s labels. “Lately, in addition to that, I also look a lot at how kids are actually dressed at playgrounds, dance lessons, etc. As a designer I always want to design fashionable statement pieces, but as a mother I want my daughter and my customer’s children to also be comfortable in what they’re wearing. It really is a combination of style and comfort.”

Before sustainability was a buzz word, Roxana has made a conscious effort since launching in 2008 to use only natural fabrics, water-based dyes, and organic materials whenever possible. From small details like hangtags made of recycled paper to not using excessive packaging, NUSNUS aims to give families an eco-conscious fashion option.

 “When I started my business back in Italy, I was one of the very few local brands that presented a fully organic collection at Pitti Bimbo. Fun fact (not so funny…), North European buyers were very interested and loved it while Italian buyers would say, ‘well if the top brands aren’t embracing it, who are you to go down that road?’ Fast forward a few years and the organic fabric became a thing even in Italy.”

Staying true to the NUSNUS mission of buying fewer and buying better, every style is designed with active children in mind and will last through many wash cycles without fading or falling apart. Stay tuned for the fall collection launching in a couple months! To learn more, visit


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