Discover Granelito’s Ultra-Comfortable SS19 Style

Say hello to Granelito, our latest brand obsession! Designed in Brooklyn, this Scandinavian-style brand embodies comfort, exceptional quality, and exquisite prints. Produced using hand-harvested Pima cotton fabrics in a delicate manufacturing process, Granelito pieces are perfect for sensitive skin and will outlive other pieces in your wardrobe.

Granelito’s latest collection features rich hues of navy, yellow, and orange. Paired with fun prints and an ultra-comfortable fit, these pieces are perfect for playing, jumping, or just lounging about.

Ethically manufactured in Peru, all fabrics are locally sourced from Pima cotton farms along the country’s northern coast. With optimal temperatures and rich soils ideal for cotton plants, farmers are able to grow and hand-pick the highest quality material. Pima cotton, a premium species of the plant, is highly durable, resistant to tearing and pilling, and is excellent for colour retention and lint prevention. As a result, all Granelito pieces are perfect for the soft and sensitive skin of your little ones.

One of our favourite product offerings is their adorable Newborn Kit. This complete newborn outfit in the softest eco-white 100% organic Pima cotton with a sweet little orange embroidered heart. Even cuter, the set comes in a round hand-made basket made in Peru. Priced at $149, it’s the perfect beautiful gift to give soon-to-be parents!

Granelito has been rapidly growing since its initial launch in 2017. Based on popular demand, the brand has expanded its products into lines for newborns and women. In addition, men’s sizes will be available in the Fall of 2019.

Click HERE to shop the collection, and check out more favourite looks below.

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