Hello World! Globetrotting with Molo for SS19

For Spring/Summer 2019, Molo is sharing their strong desire to explore the world! Look up and be in the now, get lost in time and new experiences, meet new people along the way. For both boys and girls, Molo’s new collection encourages wearers to create lasting memories through world travel!

For girls, Molo explores three themes that tie into the global exploration theme. World Explorer sees us traveling by foot, ship or even hot air balloon. Whether we are trekking mountains and picking alpine flowers, or meeting all sorts of animals of the world, we are encouraged to savour every moment in shades of vibrant lavender, evergreen, and coral.

On the Jolly Seaside, we are soaking up the nostalgia of seaside life, playing hide and seek between striped beach huts. We are called to explore a beach carnival and drawn to the magical carousel and Ferris wheel as we snack on popcorn and cotton candy under twinkling lights. Wearing tight cropped jeans, shrunk cardigans or colourful 60’s checks, we enjoy a cheerful atmosphere. Featured tones include lemon meringue, soft lilac, cameo rose and mint green.

Finally, we arrive in Mexico City to discover the amazing pink architecture of San Cristóbal Stables. Pink walls, green cacti, and All the Pretty Little Horses are around us. As we soak up the summer heat, we collect rosettes, groom the horses and nap in shady hammocks wearing hold coloured dresses that embrace the fiesta of life!

Three key themes also stand out for boys in the Molo SS19 collection. Paris, the Living City, is our first destination. We skate through the fascinating city and discover what is hidden deep underground – the subway lines. Here in this city, all things coexist. The new technology of robots and self-driving cars live in harmony with ancient civilizations and extinct creatures, seen in motifs throughout the line.

When it is Time to Explore Molo kids aren’t looking to get from point A to B in the quickest fashion, they are happy to soak it all in. Taking the time to create treasure maps, stop along the way for a deep sea dive, climb steep cliffs and even go off-roading! Boys can channel their inner adventurer in sailor stripes or khaki, combined with tropical island prints.

Finally, boys enjoy Seaside Pastimes too! Joining the girls at the beach, we relax with the boys on their carefree summer vacation. Eating fish n’ chips, rock candy and enjoying endless ice cream cones, these boys are dressed in washed-out pastels, graphic checks and vivid sparks in tones that brighten up the summer night.

Check out the new arrivals of the SS19 Molo Collection HERE

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