Boboli On The Runway at Pitti Bimbo 88

“Discover the world with Boboli” the company’s slogan is inspired by wanting to encourage the natural curiosity of children to explore, investigate and experiment. The business, that has been a Spanish favourite since 1981, does just this through quality, colour, and comfort.

Boboli’s new AW19 collection, inspired by Oliver Twist, showcases a wide variety of details and fabrics. The brand took to the stage at Pitti Bimbo 88 as part of the Children’s Fashion from Spain show, and runway highlights include plush, and bell finishes with textiles such as corduroys, velvet, and a hint of fur. The collection’s top look is the Welsh plaid, which can’t be missed, as it is represented on bright fleece!

Jogger styles, unconventional sleeves, frills (seen on dresses and blouses), and oversized silhouettes continue to be very trendy.

In the purest Boboli style, garment colours range from gooseberry to greens, blue, silver, and gold.  A staple color combo for the boy’s line is a mix of black and electric blue with a touch of acid lime. In stark contrast, a palette of tranquil, earthy hues add warm and stand out.

Photo credits to Giovanni Giannoni of Pitti Bimbo 
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