Little Remix Promotes Environmental Integrity and Sustainability for 2019

Looking for sustainable pieces that don’t compromise fashion or the environment? We are so excited to announce Little Remix’s commitment to both. The brand has pledged to become a sustainable champion by 2020, promising to promote environmental integrity by implementing an upcycling and circular take-back strategy.

Created by talented Danish designer Charlotte Eskildsen, Little Remix is a spin-off of women’s fashion label Designer Remix. Founded seventeen years ago, the parent brand was based on the idea of taking full advance of unused resources, by re-designing other brands’ unsold pieces. Following the success of Designer Remix, Little Remix was born, extending that sustainability goal into children’s clothing.

Recently featured on Forbes for her dedication to environmental integrity, Charlotte is an industry leader in sustainable fashion. Alongside co-founder and husband, Niels, the two are working on some exciting projects for the brand, such as using recycled polyester from plastic bottles and designing coats from recycled wool.

The brand’s SS19 collection proves that sustainability is far from boring. The collection features a variety of patterns and textures – from delicate lace and thin checkers to grunge leather and thick knitwear. Pairing basic colours with vibrant reds and sky-blues, Little Remix creates eye-catching contrast that will leave an impression. Overall, this carefully crafted mix of trends creates a polished and slick look.

Learn more about the Little Remix sustainability commitment and shop their collection by clicking HERE.

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