Embrace New and Old Traditions with Wolf & Rita

Wolf & Rita F/W 2018 Collection, FOLK N’ROLL, is here and it inspires us to embrace the old but with a modern twist. Portuguese folklore and traditions inspire the contemporary collection. Within the collection, you can find vibrant ensembles, each playfully detailing myths, legends, and the Portuguese culture.

The collection’s use of blue, yellow, red, black and green fabrics and wool trace back to the festive carnivals in Podence, where masqueraded figures will run through the streets with suits, wool quilts, and rattles on their belts. Their jingles and cheers echo throughout the streets and the clothing, cheerfully brightening everyone up!

The collection offers an array of energetic and colourful pieces. The rainbow is used to depict the tale of the women, in Nazaré, who waited for the fishermen to return from sea. Each weekday they wore a different coloured skirt, to symbolize the seven waves of the ocean, the seven virtues and the seven colours of the rainbow!

In addition to the colourful ensemble, Wolf & Rita uses characters and mythical beings, such as dancing tree people and a spooky masquerade, to add a modern twist to the collection. The rainbow and the illustrations together create a look that reinvents the old and makes it fun and fashionable!

Wolf & Rita have created a collection that encourages children to appreciate their traditions, by celebrating and redesigning them through their clothing to be innocent and lively, just like them!

View more images of the new Wolf & Rita collection, captured by photographer Carlos Lobo.

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