Molo: The World is Ours AW 2018

For Autumn/Winter 2018 Molo is inspired by what unites us. The world is ours. Not yours. Not mine. Not anybody else’s. Ours. While we all may be different from each other, we are part of something bigger and there is a commonality we all share.

Molo is completely crazy about prints because they appreciate the unique way they help bring out character in even the smallest of personalities. So, it is no surprise that Molo’s AW18 collection is filled to the brim with fun, imaginative images, graphics and patterns with just the right balance of classic seasonal styles – of course, we’re talkin’ about cool jackets, denim for days, and cozy pullovers.

The WORLD UNITED theme is all about football – soccer as us North America’s call it. We already participate in and watch this beloved sport together, why not wear it together as well? A playful take is a sweatshirt that resembles a well-kept green soccer field and a worn-out football structure print will satisfy any sports enthusiast!

The small-town boy hanging out with his friends, with plenty of time and nothing to do but talk about race cars and watching burnouts in the evening, is the character behind IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYWHERE; a collection that embraces a life lived in a faraway part of the country, surrounded by untamed nature.


When we find ourselves in the big city, we are going to have a party! AROUND THE WORLD encompasses colours that are as dark as the twilight with pops of bright colours like purple, yellow, orange and electric green like coloured stage lights at a concert.

A girl with a strong opinion is a GAME CHANGER. Her power is to be whatever or whoever she wants to be. Her playground is a concrete pastel city with gold onion domes peeking through the rooftops, playing with urban foxes and magpies. She plays with style and isn’t afraid to rock a sporty tracksuit with frills!

Between vast mountains, dense pine trees and still blue forest lakes we are surrounded by squirrels, owls and dears; this is the essence of the GIRLS NORTHERN SPIRIT. She plays in nature, wearing garments with a retro spin and geometric shapes in a colour palette of autumn berry and dusty pink combined with light blue and deep sea.

At the end of the night, when the sky is filled with twinkling lights and there’s magic in the air, it is time for a GIRLS CELEBRATION. Tassels, glitter and confetti prints catch the eye. Feel the touch of winter in subdued tones, as she celebrates the love of our planet, and wishes upon a shooting star!

We can’t wait for the full collection to hit the stores so you can stock up your kiddos’ closets in time for back to school! In the meantime, visit and check out the new styles being added + a great end of season selection for all you folks who appreciate a good sale!

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