Designer Q&A, Eden & Zoe

eden & zoe’s new SS2018 collection “In Harmony With Nature” has arrived! Inspired by numerous trips to Japanese gardens, both in Japan and around the world, the collection draws on the emotion of serenity and a precise balance of landscape, an appreciate for nature and wishes to live in harmony with one’s surrounding.

The new collection combines the company’s signature knits with floral and nature inspired cotton fabrics to design flowing summer dresses and skirts, as well as playful outfits for both boys and girls.

Founder and designer, Melissa Wang of Eden and Zoe joins us to chat all about eden & zoe, while sharing some lovely photos of their new collection for the spring and summer season!

What inspired the name of your label?

Eden and Zoe are the names of my two daughters. They are my motivation. I started my label with a wish to keep them comfortable and stylish. Creating designs that my daughters love wearing (I’ve since had another daughter Elise) makes me happy, and inspires me to keep on designing.


Why did you choose to design for children?

Eden and Zoe decided that their knitwear was too “itchy” to wear, so I started looking into natural materials like cashmere, merino wool and pure cotton for them. I found it hard to find quality knitwear in styles that my girls and I liked, so I decided to create the clothes myself. When I started the brand, Eden and Zoe loved ballet, so I launched with a ballet inspired first collection.

What is your brand’s mission statement or goal?

My aim is to make clothing for children that is sophisticated and understated. I believe in classic styling with a modern twist. I like to think about the details that make a garment unique yet timeless. Most importantly, it is about your child feeling comfortable and confident in what she/he is wearing. eden & zoe clothing is made to be worn, enjoyed and shared.

Why do you believe fashion/style is important for children? 

I think we can all appreciate good design: in our living environments, in the things that we use, and fashion is no different. Fashion transcends age, and children are able to recognize and value style and design when they are exposed to it. I love being able to share and discuss fashion and design with my daughters.

What are the motivations or inspirations behind the design?

I focus a lot on the types of materials we use, and the craftsmanship of each piece. I like to make sure that the designs are not just stylish, but comfortable and functional as well. I pay particular attention to details such as the position of seams, zippers and buttons.

Each collection is inspired by experiences with my daughters. So far, I have launched collections inspired by origami, the beach, winter wonderland, and nature to name a few. I also do “couture” requests from my daughters, which is always fun.

Is there a style decade you are inspired by? 

I love the 90s style decade, embodied by the rise of the “supermodels” such as Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell et al. I don’t love all of the styles from that era (neons and super mini skirts are not for me!) but I do love the sense of empowerment and nonchalance of the fashion created from that time.

How does your design philosophy change when creating for boy vs. girls?

For me, the starting point is the same for both girls and boys. My aim is to make well-designed clothing for children, which is stylish and functional at the same time. In fact, a lot of my designs are unisex, like the Kit hoodie and Kendall top from my spring/summer collection. I also like using similar or complementing color palettes for girls and boys.

What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?

In the short term, I am excited about having launched our new “In Harmony with Nature” spring/summer 2018 collection which is inspired by Japanese gardens, and combines classic knits with gorgeous floral and nature influenced fabrics. In the long term, I’m looking forward to growing my brand, and having more children enjoy my designs.

What is your favourite piece (for boys and girls) from the current collection? 

It’s always hard to choose a favorite! For girls, I love the Gisele dress because of the gorgeous floral fabric and maximum twirl potential with the flowing silhouette. For boys, it would be the Kendall camouflage top, because I love camouflage prints and tend to wear them myself!

The entire spring/summer collection by eden & zoe is available for girls and boys size newborn to 12 years at

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