Marine Symbiosis, Infantium Victoria

Playtime New York- Fall/ Winter 18

Meet one of the brands we are loving at Playtime New York. Infantium Victoria- A tactile collection that delights the senses in luxurious iterations of classic silhouettes, and unexpected details make bold statements.

We sat down with designer Dinie van den Heuval- an expert in draping, moulage, and flat pattern design, who shared her passion and love for children’s fashion. This one-of-a-kind brand creates vegan clothes that are 100% organic and PETA approved.

The new collection from Infantium Victoria, draws inspiration from the exquisite beauty and fragility of marine life and the ecological urgency of responsible human stewardship of the ocean and its creatures, on which humanity also depends.

We are SO excited about this collection’s use of chunky knits, soothing patterns, and fun animal motifs.


About Infantium Victoria: Part fantasy and part punk rock, Infantium Victoria straddles the line between time and space. Delivering luxury vegan childrenswear inspired by dark romanticism and a flippant attitude about fitting in, Infantium Victoria turns black green. With their unwavering commitment to ethical production and cool punk design, Infantium Victoria has affirmed their place in the pantheon of avant-garde children’s designers for the enlightened global aesthete and their progeny. Every Infantium Victoria garment is 100% organic and PETA approved.

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Images by Emily Kornya.



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