Designer Q&A, Little Remix

Back in 2015 we had the opportunity to introduce you to Charlotte Eskildsen, the founder and Creative Director of Little Remix (and Designers Remix). The Danish fashion brand, based in Copenhagen, offers an amazing array of ready-to-wear pieces for girls aged 4-18 and each year we have enjoyed previewing each collection.

We are incredibly excited to follow up with Charlotte, who is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Little Remix this year. We discovered her new Spring/Summer 2018 collection and learned more about her hopes for the future of this successful contemporary girlswear line. Read our interview below!

For our readers who haven’t been heard of Little Remix, can you give a quick introduction?
Little Remix was founded in 2006 when I had my first child. Little Remix is the mini-me version of the adult line, Designers Remix founded in 2002. The collections are different from other kidswear brands, as Little Remix’s mission is to create contemporary, stylish and directional childrenswear that allows children to children. The line is clothes for kids in the age 4 to 18 years old, and our mission is to be part of every mini-fashionista’s fashion fantasy.

Describe the Little Remix girl. Who would you like to see wearing your collection?
The Little Remix girl definitely has a great interest the latest trends. She is Scandi-cool, edgy and contemporary in her style and is not afraid of standing out from the crowd nor her group of friends.


Looking back over the 10 years of incredible work, how do you feel the brand has changed or evolved?
As the brand was founded by the expansion of my family, the brand has actually developed as my two girls get older and older. In the beginning the brand was more miniature – now a days the brand is much more targeted towards pre-teens and young adults. Much of the learnings from Designers Remix I am able to transfer to Little Remix as well which affect the designs. The kids of today find as much inspiration on social medias as we do. This is why the collections today are more contemporary and much more driven by the latest trends than earlier collections. The learnings have also affected the strategy of the brand and the brand is today “real” business to us – not just a side project.


When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?
After I figured out that I couldn’t become an astronaut. No, you actually just know. All my school projects were always centered about fashion. I grew up in a very creative family which made it easier for me to imagine myself as a designer and follow my dreams.

Do your children have any interest in fashion design? Do you include them in your design process?
Both of my girls have been brought up by two parents who work in fashion. Naturally they both have an interest in fashion, but I can definitely see a difference between the two of them. The youngest, Sofine is much more creative than her big sister, Smilla. However they are both a big part of my design process. Not only is a lot of the clothes we make fitted on both of them, they also provide me with the latest insider tips from the school yard. Smilla is currently very much into Danish hip-hop which made me design hoodies and trackpants for the little ones as well the past 4 seasons.


What has been the highlight of your career thus far?
The best moment in my career was when I shipped out my first collection in 2002. Being able to start my own brand is every designer’s biggest dream and when I was given this opportunity I felt overly excited. And the rest is history. 

Please tell us about your brand new collection!  What was your inspiration?
The name of my new SS18 collection is “Remix Girls”. The collection is actually inspired by a Summer memory from my own childhood; Eating fresh strawberries from the kitchen garden with all my girlfriends under the blue sky, even though we knew we were not allowed to. These girls were my first little gang. My first remix girls. The colors of the collection all come from this memory such as Strawberry Red and Sky Blue. The style of the collection is playful, sporty and laid back. Like any great summer day in Denmark.



What would you like to accomplish in the next 10 years?
Within the next 10 years I hope to make clothes that take the environment more and more into account. For many seasons we have been producing clothes with big respect for the planet we live on, however I hope that we will keep improving and hopefully become 100 % sustainable in the future. This topic has never been relevant for the fashion business, and I hope that Little Remix will be the front runner for this movement.


Discover the entire collection by Little Remix Online:

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