Designer Q&A, Oaks of Acorn

Have you met Oaks of Acorn? We were first had the opportunity to chat about this incredible label back in our 2016 Summer Issue, and ever since we’ve been following their success and admiring their thoughtfully designed collections.

We recently followed up with Bezanne, of Oaks and Acorn and can’t wait to share this season’s amazing looks too. Get to know them in our review below!

For our readers who haven’t heard of Oaks of Acorn, can you give a quick introduction?

A: Oaks of Acorn is a designer childrenswear label for ages 0-12. Trained in womenswear and a graduate of NYC’s Parsons School of Design, founder Bezanne Lau realized the urgency for sophisticated eco-friendly childrenswear and in 2014 Oaks of Acorn was born. At Oaks of Acorn we are devoted to making the world a better place by collaborating with numerous production houses to transform fashion surplus into fun and creative products. The label quickly gained an international reputation for employing classic silhouettes enlivened with unique fabrics and trims, mostly excesses that are found at different production houses, and achieved Gold level recognition for Best Emerging Fashion Brand and Platinum level recognition for Best International Fashion Brand in the 2016 Junior Design Awards. Passionate about helping children develop taste through exposure to art and culture, Oaks of Acorn is dedicated to finding the balance between style, sustainability and comfort in every season.

Use three words to describe the ‘Oaks of Acorn’ kid. Who would you like to see wearing your collection?

Fun, stylish little environmentalist. Every cool kid who cares about our planet should wear Oaks of Acorn!


When did you know you wanted to be fashion designers?

I couldn’t recall, but it has always been easier for me to remember a person’s style than their names.

Tell us about your design process. Where do you start? Do you keep journals or work from mood boards?

I start by discovering the hidden gems in the production houses’ storages and work my way through logs of fabrics and bundles of trims. Fabric boards are fundamental, designs and ideas usually come to me naturally when I have my fabrics settled.


How has your brand changed or evolved over the past few years?

We started out by sourcing fabrics from around the world, as time goes by we have become very sensitive to fabric wastage and fashion surplus, and realized we should use the hidden gems remained at production houses instead, which is a good way to help clearing factories’ stock fabrics and materials and a good contribution to our environment.


What has been the highlight of co-founding the Oaks of Acorn brand thus far?

Every now and then when I see kids in OOA in different cities and countries are always my biggest highlights.

Tell us about your brand new collection! What was your inspiration?

We are constantly inspired by retro art and culture, the 80’s has been our biggest influence this season, we are so glammed up with velvets and glitters, also trying to bring roller disco back!


Can you select one or two looks that have special meaning to you? Why?

A: They are all special to me! It’s really hard to pick, but I will go with the pinafores, which are always our bestsellers.

What is next for Oaks of Acorn? We can’t wait to see hear what’s in the works.

A: We will continue turning fashion surplus into wardrobe of wonders, and we will be introducing an adult line soon, stay tuned!


Discover the entire collection by Oaks of Acorn online!

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