Y-clu’ Takes the Stage at Pitti Bimbo 84

Last January, the Poster Child team was sitting in the stands, being blown away by the Y-clu’ fashion show during Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy. This year we are excited to see Y-clu’ return to the stage with yet another ultra-chic collection for girls and boys.

Have you met Y-clu’ kids?

The Y-clu’ girl has the soul of a “Rockmantic”; she customizes her look by mixing romantic clothing with decidedly bold garments. The result: a contemporary look with a bold yet chic effect, channeling the flare of the 1980s and 90s. She has mastered the perfect balance between the romantic and rock-and-roll side of Y-clu’ wearing military-theme camouflage with small hearts in green and khaki.

The Y-clu’ boy, on the other hand, rocks urban street-wear looks that pull on Japanese influences. He’s found his edge wearing ultra-cool motto jacket paired with comfortable, yet stylish joggers.

Check out Y-clu’s latest collection here on the runway at Pitti Bimbo 84!

Yclu - 00021

Yclu - 001115

Yclu - 091918

Yclu - 091322

Yclu - 083021

Yclu - 049713

Yclu - 036014

Yclu - 033016

Yclu - 027710

Yclu - 021317

Yclu - 013712

Yclu - 09029

Yclu - 08607
Yclu - 07413

Yclu - 05900

Yclu - 05485

Yclu - 04666

Yclu - 003411

Yclu - 03092

Yclu - 01664

Yclu - 099219

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