Designer Q&A, MILAPINOU Paris


Milapinou was created in 2011 in Paris by designer Dallana Bayarri. After the birth of her adorable little girl Mila, Dallana created the line as a celebration of new life, fertility and prosperity.

Today the young mother has a new vision and inspiration, to create designs appropriate for the new mom and her baby, as well as designs for mom’s-to-be. For moms and littles, Milapinou is a fairytale collection with a touch of vintage charm we just love!

We were excited to connect with Dallana and learn all about her latest collection in our latest Designer Q&A!

What inspired the name of your label?

«Mi» is the Spanish possessive pronoun and «lapinou « means small rabbit in French. It is also the sweet nickname I gave to my daughter named Mila. Furthermore, Mila is short for the spanish word ‘milagro” which means miracle in English, so MILAPINOU was born, as a celebration of new life.

Why did you choose to design for children?    
The name and the idea really emerged with the birth of my daughter. As a fashion designer I had already worked for big companies, I even had the chance to work for Karl Lagerfeld ! When Mila was born, I wanted to translate this amazing feeling, this indefectible bound between mother and child, through my very own way, expression and skill : fashion.


What is your brand’s mission statement or goal? –
Producing in a fair way and designing with love. I want all our customers to feel special. All our articles have been carefully designed and produced. We also want to support local crafts and skills.

What are the motivations or inspirations behind the designs?
Well, my children are obviously very inspiring. I also often think about my grandmother and her stories. For instance the FW15 collection named Moonchild Memories was based on my childhooh when  my grandmother used to tell me all the benefits of the plants, seeds etc. So I designed clothes with leaves, etc. The collection was thought as a conforting grandma carefully watching over, to go softly through the winter. More than a cloth, it is a whole story that comes with it. That is why we also write a children tale for each collection to illustrate it.


Is there a style decade you are inspired by?
I would say the late 70’s with a boho, hippy chic spirit.

What makes your label stand out in the industry?
I believe Milapinou has its very own identity. Of course we do follow the trend because despite of everything it obviously inspires me but most of my inspiration comes from my childhood, my roots, my memories, the stories I was told when I was a little girl… And this is unique, so is Milapinou.


How does your design philosophy change when creating for boys vs girls?
I have to admit that my collections are more girl-oriented as the prime idea was the link between mother and child and the idea that the mothers’ clothes was giving birth to the child’s clothes. It is easier for a dress to give birth to another dress actually 😉

When designing for boy, I think I favor more the simple lines and soft fabrics so they can easily play. The cloth is then a cozy wrapping “friend”.

For girls I think I accept more fantasy 😉

What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?
Well, we have more and more requests for developing a proper teenager and woman line, especially with accessories. And I feel quite excited about this challenge.


What is/are your favourite item/s from the current collection?
Well, I just love the Joséphine swan shape sleep bag. It reminds me of when my kids were babies and I just wanted to cuddle them all the time…


Discover the entire Spring/Summer collection by Milapinou on their website:

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