Designer Q&A, Lali Kids

Founded in 2013 by Kinnari McDevitt, girl’s brand Lali was born from nostalgia and created to embody the magic of girlhood. Since it’s launch Lali has aimed to represent the universal happy moments experienced by generations of little girls – from special memories to riding a bike or daily play. Combining contemporary silhouettes with classically refined aesthetics, Lali creates comfortable clothing, using lightweight fabrics that children will want to wear every day!

We loved learning all about the latest Lali collection from Kinnari herself in our latest Designer Q&A interview:


What inspired the name of your label?
Lali means “Darling girl” in Hindi. It was a term of endearment used by my grandmother for me when I was growing up. Every time I hear it, “Lali” conjures up childhood memories of playing in her farmhouse courtyard during the summer holidays. I found the name to be fitting because I am constantly inspired by the whimsy and imagination of little girls. This idea of a playful child is thoroughly reflected in the colours we use and the prints we create.


Why did you choose to design for children?
I have a deep passion (or obsession) with artisan textiles. I have collected fabric since I was young. The collection includes fabric from my travels around the world to rescuing old silk sarees that were being discarded by my grandmothers, aunts and mom. When my niece was born, I started making clothing for her out of heirloom fabrics. I made her a summer dress out of one of my mom’s Bengali cotton sarees; and it became her favorite thing to wear. The natural dyed, hand loomed fabric made for a pretty unique dress–like nothing you could find in an American department store, for sure! I think seeing her love and play in her favourite dress inspired me to create a line that really celebrated girlhood and the beauty of artisan textiles.


What are the motivations or inspirations behind the design?
Our Spring 2016 collection is called “A Day by the Sea,” and it is just that. Our prints and silhouettes are all reminiscent of the whimsy of your first trip to the beach. Throughout our embroidery motifs, you’ll notice images like clouds, hot air balloons, kites, and sailboats. All things that will ​conjure thoughts of warm air, timeless play, and outdoor fun.​


Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?
I am drawn to the details and finery of the 1920’s style. The painstaking detail of hand beaded dresses and flowing silks always captivates me. I feel like contemporary clothing lacks the charm of a hand crafted garment. That being said, we also love color here at Lali. The vibrant prints and tints of the 1960’s are always fun to play with–just with less polyester!


What makes your label stand out in the industry?
There are so many gorgeous lines out there that “standing out” requires a more holistic approach. In addition to manufacturing with fair trade practices, we devote a lot of attention to details that you otherwise would not find in children’s wear. An example of this can be seen in the tulip ties on our dresses. Each tie has a little flower-like cone at the end, which is filled with tiny bells that jingle when the dress is worn. Little girls positively light up when they discover this. We also hand draw and produce our prints using age-old hand printing techniques. In the end, our goal is the benefit the lives of everyone who touches this garment–from start to finish.


What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?
We are looking forward to adding even more baby and tween styles. All of our baby clothes are made from prints and textures used for our mid-range “big girl” clothes, which makes for some really adorable matching outfits. We have also been working hard to source some exciting new textiles with a variety of different textures coming out next season.


What is your favourite piece from your current collection?
Probably the Kate Dress. This is one of the first silhouettes that I remember drawing, so it will always be one of my favorites. We re-imagine this style every spring with different textures, prints, and embroidered designs. It’s also consistently popular with our customers for how easy it is to wear and style throughout the summer.


Learn more and shop the latest Lali collection by visiting their website


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