Designer Q&A, Telegraph Ave

One of the best things about blogging about kids fashion, is being able to share the coolest kids brands as they emerge. Today we get the opportunity to share with you a new label — Telegraph Ave! Based in California, Telegraph Ave is making stylish garb for littles aged 1-5 years, perfectly suited for your little free spirit.

We were so excited to interview designer Aman, to hear first hand about the brand’s first collection and celebrate with an exclusive giveaway, just in time for the holidays! Head over to our Instagram PageĀ to like and comment on our photos for a chance to win a $50 gift credit at


What inspired the name of your label?
TELEGRAPH AVE is a historic street that runs from Berkeley through Downtown Oakland, CA. I’ve been raised in the Bay Area and wanted a name that represented the line as well as myself as a parent. The street hosts a diversity of visitors, artists and eccentric shops. It was a place for wanderers to land somewhat comfortably and became a symbol for counterculture, free speech and the hippie movement. I wanted to not only create a children’s clothing line but to also build a lifestyle around free-thinking conscious children.

Why did you choose to design for children?
I love fashion and have worked in the industry for 15+ years. Children’s clothing is fun and relaxed! I wanted to be at home with my daughter, to watch her grow. I was spending 12 hours of my day away from her commuting and working to support the two of us. For a year straight, I would see her about an hour a day. Creating a children’s line bonds us. She is my muse, my model and best of all lets me know if it fits well. She’s quite opinionated šŸ™‚


What is your brand’s mission statement or goal?
We aspire to be more than an apparel line. We aspire to be a lifestyle brand that caters to little ones and grows with them as they become fashion forward, free thinking, conscious individuals. The roots of Telegraph Ave encompass all that we love about our community of artists, eccentrics, progressives and intellects. From downtown Oakland through Berkeley, it embraces diversity and California’s free-spirit vibe. We collaborate with local artisans and support ethical production of all our pieces.


Why do you believe fashion/style is important for children?
I don’t necessarily feels that it is important for children. Kids have so much adventure to experience and so many lessons to learn that plaids and polka dots shouldn’t even register on their radar. However, it does provide another outlet to express themselves in a form other legos, colouring or storytelling. I respect that my two year old daughter tells me that she feels uncomfortable in jeans. So am I, lol!


What are the motivations or inspirations behind the designs?
Travel and Mara Liv are my motivation. I’m a visual learner and storyteller. I notice colour stories from the oil spill on the side of the road to my daughters latest art piece to fashion at music festivals. We live for a getaway to the beach and to play along the shore. The seaside lifestyle is relaxed and it inspires me.

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Is there a style decade you are inspired by?
I enjoy the art, style and fashion of the Mid-Century. The 1960’s and 1970’s had the best fashion and home decor. Colourful but muted. Minimal design but functional. Its amazing and that’s why Gucci hasn’t parted ways with it.


How does your design philosophy change when creating for boys vs girls?
The first 5 styles released for yr|1 collection have been unisex. I will be releasing more styles that are specific for girls or boys to go along with the unisex pieces. It creates for better storytelling and styling. The philosophy is to be fun and wearable.


What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?
I’m really to just have launched and to be participating in our first giveaway with Poster Child Magazine!

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