Designer Q&A, Cupcakes + Pastries

Launched in 2009 the line Cupcakes and Pastries, available for girls sized toddler to tween, truly lives up to its name. The sweet collection of party dresses, cozy sweaters, flowing skirts and A-line frocks are so delightful we could just eat them up!

We caught up with the Cupcakes and Pastries team and they were kind enough to answer all our questions about their lovely label.

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What inspired the name of your label?
I wanted to design clothes for little girls that they would enjoy wearing, like sweet treats…cupcakes & pastries. Little girls love playing dress up for tea parties, and our dresses are charming for such moments.

Why did you decide to design for children?
Inspired by my daughter and the freedom to design on my impulse was a very exciting idea to me.

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What is your brand’s mission statement or goal?
To create a household girls brand synonymous with quality and grace so girls can feel like confident girls.

What are your motivations or inspirations behind the design?Is there a style decade you are inspired by?
I am inspired greatly by age old techniques and traditions of Indian textiles and other old world craftsmanship.  Beautiful fabrics and prints are always inspiring to me, as is evident in our cotton prints, embroidered tulle, lace fabrics and other beautiful prints and delicate trims.

In a market flooded with mass produced products,  I take great pride in designing clothes that have been painstakingly embroidered, embellished, dyed/printed and adorned with beautiful details.  I am definitely inspired by classic vintage fashion and several of our styles reflect that with updated tweaks.

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Do you believe fashion/style is important for children?
As a mother of two children, I feel that clothes are a great way for a person to reflect their feelings and personal style.  I feel that education, physical and emotional development is more important for them versus fashion/style.

However, it is important to develop an appropriate sense of dressing in children as a part of their development.  I am very particular in designing clothes that are beautiful yet age appropriate in style, convenient to wear and maintain, keeping in mind a child’s lifestyle.  The collection has a wide range of clothes that are great during playtime,school,  birthdays, recitals, weddings, parties and so on because children have to have fun and it is such a beautiful time in their lives, they should be able to dress up and feel confident about what they are wearing so they can focus on all the other beautiful things around them!

Also, we have many customers who tell us how relieved they are to see our clothing as they do not find many tasteful and classy clothing options for their older girls, after they turn 12 they want to dress like teenagers and their mother’s completely dislike the options available to them in the typical chain or department stores.  They tell us how much they wished their daughters would wear more of our style of clothing. Cupcakes_Fall15_Lo-1399 (1106x1600)

What do you have coming up that you are really exited about?
We, as a company, are focusing on a few key factors to grow our brand and to give back to the communities that have helped us along the way.  We appreciate all of our customers’ support in helping us achieve this much success.  And for them, we will keep offering our beautifully hand embroidered pieces that are versatile for everyday and a number of special occasions.

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What is your favourite piece from your current collection?
That’s a tough one,  I love our tulle and brocade special dresses.  These are ethereal and I just love how a girl looks in elegant dresses.  These are gorgeous pieces that would work very well for fall and holiday festivities and these type of pieces are perfect for Easter and spring weddings.   I love our cotton dresses and separates as I design them as perfect everyday dresses and for those gorgeous island getaways – they are excellent pieces for resorts all around the world.  Cupcakes_15_lo-1208 (1600x1067)

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