Designer Q&A, MOLO

One of our favourite new collections for fall, headquartered in Denmark, is molo! With 8 concept shops and sold in 30 countries worldwide, molo’s collection offer up vibrant and colourful items for ages 0-14 year.

molo’s designs feed a child’s imagination with bold colours, fun prints, with exciting shapes and combinations. molo knows that children need clothing that allow them to move freely, express themselves openly and explore the world around them fearlessly!

We caught up with the molo team and asked all our questions about their ultra cool collection in today’s designer Q&A.

molo3 What inspired the name of your label?
For more than 10 years ago CEO Mogens Jepsen established molo with his former colleague a designer called Louise Frederiksen. The brand name molo was a composition of the two first letters in each of their names.

Why did you decide to design for children?
The idea for molo came from a lust to be ‘the naughty boy of the class’ and to spice up the kids fashion, which at that time was very light blue and baby pink, if you have to put it out crudely. We wanted to create a kidswear brand with edge and an urban and playful look/expression.



What are your motivations or inspirations behind the design?/Is there a style decade you are inspired by?

In our AW15 collection we are working with a couple of different design stories where the first one goes a couple of decades back. It’s specially the 90’s rock’n’roll, glamrock and biker trends that we wanted to work through this season. The graphic look has been reinterpreted in true molo spirit, which is seen in our choice of materials and focus on stitchings and details. Also the athleisure trend has rolled in on us so some of the boys’ styles have a slightly sporty twist, which is seen in reversible hoodies and baseball inspired bomber jackets. The second part of the collection is deeply inspired by New York’s street scene, where the dominant features are baseball caps, chenille patches, prints with reference to the city’s street looks and more intense colours that light up the dark autumn season.


How does your design process differ when designing for boys vs girls?
Actually, the design processes are pretty much alike. Our design department are very small consisting of four lovely designers working in pairs of two on each boy and girl and one print designer developing prints across the whole collection. As we are working a lot with the same themes and trends on both boys and girls in our collections our design process becomes very transverse and dynamic.


What do you have coming up that you are really exited about?
We are very exiting about our new beautiful showroom we have opened this summer in France and from fall 2015 we will go out the line and open one more in USA, which is a journey we cannot wait to begin.

What is your favourite piece from your current collection?
Uh, that is a hard question to finish with. How to choose when there are so many favourites? But if we have to choose out two of the most outstanding pieces from the AW15 collection, it must be the long sleeved t-shirt with a digital front print of a lion for the boys and the gold striped glam-rock jeans for the girls.


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