The Best of Friends, Skai & Jayka

A best friend is a very special person in your life. She is the first person you think of when you make plans. She is the person trusted with all your secrets. She’s your shoulder to cry on and she gives the best hugs in the world! We had the chance to talk to two super sweet and talented best friends Skai & Jayka, hangout in Manhattan Beach, CA and chat about their special friendship!

Skai & Jayka wear looks by La Miniatura, Bellerose & Señorita Lemoniez
Images courtesy of Isa Battaglin of Lilly K Photography
Hair & Makeup by Kellie Ewing

i-qSdTsmh-X3PCM: Usually we start our Q&A’s off by asking a little about yourself. But, since you are such great friends we thought we’d do things a little different…

Can you tell us a bit about your best friend?
Jayka: Skai is a very fearless, outgoing and funny girl. When you first meet her she might be a little quiet, but once you get to know her she gets totally insane!

Skai: Jayka is my best friend.. She’s fun to hang around and she always makes me laugh!!


What was your first impression when you first met?
Jayka: When I first met Skai I thought she was a nice, quiet girl. Once we got to know eachother we both broke out of our shell.

Skai: I thought Jayka was the sweetest/nicest person I’ve ever met!! We had a lot of fun that day and she was great company! I knew she was gonna be a really good friend of mine!


Did you know right away you’d be great friends!?
Jayka: At first I thought that we would just be friends that hangout every once in a while – now we can’t even be separated!

Skai: Yes, right when I met her knew we were gonna be good friends!

What is the most important quality in a best friend?
Jayka: A best friend should be trustworthy. Someone who you can share secrets with and know that they will NEVER tell anyone. Also funny, adventurous and crazy – Just like Skai and I!

Skai: The most important quality in a best friend is there attitude. You want a best friend that is nice, friendly, and that will always make you laugh!


What is your favourite memory together?
Jayka: One of the best times we’ve had together is when Skai and I went to a One Direction concert together. We both has lots of fun screaming our heads off in the front row and trying to get Harry to notice us.

Skai: My favorite memory with Jayka was when we went to a One Direction concert together!! It was so fun since it was my first concert!

What makes you most proud of your bestie?
Jayka: She inspires a lot of little kids everywhere. Being on Jessie she plays her character so well, that’s why a lot of kids look up to her and I’m most proud of her for that!

Skai: The thing that makes me proud of Jayka is that see never gives up. If she can’t do it that time she will try again!!


As a model & an actress you girls are around a lot of great fashion! Who inspires your personal style?
Jayka: I look up to a fashion blogger named Julie Sariñana (@sincerelyjules) because she has a very edge type of style and she can basically mix and match anything!

Skai: I love Jaykas style! I love that she’s wearing something very colorful and bright but still mature and cute… I would rock Jaykas style any day!


What is your favourite designer or brand right now?
Jayka: Brandy Melville!

Skai: My favorite clothing store is American Apparel! All of there clothes are so cute and very stylish.

If you could swipe one item from your bestie’s wardrobe what would it be?
Jayka: Her Zara Terez swimsuit is to die for 🙂

Skai: I’m in love with Jaykas denim style dress! I want it so bad haha!!




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