Designer Q&A, Petit Tribe

Petit Tribe is a new children’s fashion line designed for the curious, bold, fun loving child! Nigerian entrepreneur Olatoun Jolaoso, who studied in both the US and UK, started thinking about launching a childrenswear collection when pregnant with her daughter almost 4 years ago – now her line celebrates childhood with bold prints and dazzling colours, seamlessly fused with African inspired flare and contemporary style.

We love the vibrant, easy-to-wear collection and we asked the creative team all our questions about Petit Tribe in today’s Designer Q&A.Petit-Tribe-Lookbook-images9 What inspired the name of your label?
Petit Tribe is inspired by our African roots and is modelled after the Fulani (Fula) tribe of Western Africa who are known for being extremely brave and nomadic by nature. The invitation to those who buy our pieces is to become part of our tribe. The Fulanis migrated all over Africa and I was privileged to have interactions with their culture in my childhood in Northern Nigeria where some of the Fulanis are located. A result of their migration patterns resulted in their unique style which evolved with their travels picking up elements from the places they settled with a huge western influence. I have a strong appreciation of their effortless and sophisticated glamor which had a simple classic chic.Petit-Tribe-Lookbook-images2Why did you choose to design for children?
Petit Tribe was inspired by the birth of our Founder’s first daughter. On becoming a mother Olatoun was blessed with new experiences that took her on a journey of personal discovery.  Having traveled widely and being unable to find children’s clothes that reflected her African background she identified a void in the market.  She was inspired by the nomadic Fulani Tribe, which she saw and connected with almost every day while growing up in the northern Nigerian state of Kaduna. The Fulani’s astonishingly vibrant tribal prints and patterns inform the design and very basis of Petit Tribe. Her fascination with cultures, travel and fashion led me to start my own brand with a certain percentage of the proceeds going towards educating children in Nigeria. SHOT_03_093_v3
Why do you believe fashion/style is important for children?
Fashion is as important for children as it for adults as it is a mechanism for children to display their distinct personalities. The Petit Tribe collection is designed for the child, who is curious, bold, fun loving and courageous – an explorer! We celebrate bold prints, dazzling colours and seamlessly fuse African inspiration with contemporary styling.   Pieces are bold, vibrant and easy to wear.  For me fashion/style for children is about all these things.

How does your design philosophy change when creating for boy vs. girls?
The heart of our collection features bold colours and dazzling prints inspired by the Fulani tribe and their unique style which has evolved over time and remains versatile with a sophisticated and effortless glamor which we adapt to our philosophy in designing for boys and girls.Petit-Tribe-Lookbook-images6What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?
At the moment our design team are designing and expanding the boy’s collection integrating our unique prints.  I am so excited about offering a broader collection as I feel there is an opportunity to have a balanced and versatile collection with more selection for the boys.

Petit-Tribe-Lookbook-images3What is your favourite piece (for boys and girls) from the current collection?
Petit Tribe’s collections include boy, girl and baby, we design for 0-12, so I have cheated and given you my favourite three pieces!

On trend and easy to wear, the chic jumpsuit for girls is one of my favourite pieces. If only it came in my size! The bold giraffe-print T-shirt for boys is an inspired buy, combining statement print with strong colour. Finally, I love the mini star print on our matching hat and bib. They make such adorable presents in one of our handcrafted gift boxes.

Discover the entire collection by Petit Tribe for boys, girls and babes by visiting them online at 

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