Little Miss Galia, for Mother & Daughter

Last summer we introduced you to the new Mexican label for cool little ladies Little Miss Galia, then we interviewed the founder -Alia Charvel – and learned all about the collection in our Designer Q&A. Finally, early this year, we had the opportunity to meet Alia (the mastermind, designer extraordinaire and every-day momma to the real little miss Galia) at petiteParade where she showcased her stunning new collection coming this fall/winter, 2015 on the runway! So, needless to say, you already know we are a little obsessed…

Not only are the pieces for spring and summer 2014 totally scrumptious – bursting with beautiful prints and patterns and generously adorned in sparkles – a portion of the collection is available in momma-sizes.

After celebrating Mother’s Day yesterday we thought sharing about Little Miss Galia’s selection of mommy & me garments would be a good way to get your week off to a great, stylish start!

Take a peak here at our favourite pieces for Spring & Summer. 11136233_680189355425811_7125204940218753651_o905996_680189445425802_4306353043132746813_o 1507423_671868652924548_882704183463849133_o 10465509_671868036257943_8753542436328069859_o 10860941_671868346257912_1920013517669230325_o 10943762_671867912924622_388457354446153840_o 10996354_671868582924555_6108619558677365367_o 11070545_671868032924610_459045045361871130_o 11070545_671868949591185_3501482577084207356_o 11072335_671868406257906_1957820094887962600_o 11080743_671868759591204_7907990367937964693_o 11084123_680189488759131_1199228723699890893_o 11096500_680189985425748_5327828426017028855_o 11136102_680190768759003_3074888535615640867_o  11140778_680190148759065_4426631488449882928_o 11149673_680190108759069_4549459164421899498_o

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