Introducing Macarons Fashion

One of our favourite treats as of late are macaroons; (en français ‘macarons’) these pretty French pastries are light-as-a-feather, ultra-yummy and all the rage! It’s hardly a coincidence that the latest brand we are crushing on shares the same name and believe in the same qualities in their designs: durable outside, tender inside and always a treat!

Macarons fashion is sustainable luxury baby and kids wear with great design made in Germany. The garments and accessories are pure and fair-trade luxurious materials, combining unique design, modern sophistication and traditional, quality workmanship.

Each piece is designed with enough space and comfort for children to be ‘real’ kids and at the same time, parents know their little ones are perfectly stylish for all occasions.

Collection 06 – the line’s spring and summer offering for 2015 – is fresh and sophisticated. The season draws on contrasts through fabrics and colours throughout the collection. Warm intense blues contrast blush rose and soft; double-faced knits emphasize comfort (perfect for laid-back summer fun) while crisp woven pieces are fashionable and avant-garde urban style.

These are a few of our favourite pieces; we hope you find Macarons just as scrumptious as we do!

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Discover Macarons online by visiting their website

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