Designer Q&A, Lazy Francis

Lazy Francis is about style, vibrancy, elegance and adding more colour to your kids lives! All the outfits are carefully woven and stitched to perfection, making use of all the best quality and premium fabrics available! Finesse and refinement define their dresses – and we love them for it!

You may remember our post about this British luxury kids label last fall – we showed off their offerings for the FW14 season. Well, now we are back to check out some pieces from the summer line and hear from the designer about line…

Lazy_Francis_NWM_HR_AW15_Look_Book_2777_20141219_©Lazy Francis

1. What inspired the name of your label? 
The name of the brand was created by one little girl. She saw the logo and said: “Oh, this bunny is lazy. He doesn’t want to jump as it’s easier for him to fly” How sweet!

2. Why did you choose to design for children?   
Children’s fashion has no limits – kids are so unique, naturally amazing and super cool. I don’t believe in trends in kids fashion as they are trends all themselves.

I feel that characters and colours are the inspirational factors that I believe in when creating.

Lazy_Francis_NWM_HR_AW15_Look_Book_3103_20141219_©Lazy Francis

3. What are the motivations or inspirations behind the design?
The main inspiration for me is kids themselves.  I do have a daughter but she is only a part of my inspirational process. This area is too cool, too different, too unpredictable and adventurous to dedicate myself to one particular child, even my own. I love her to bits – but in order to create for kids I have to be into KIDS, in plural. Simple.

4. Is there a style decade you are inspired by?
I am inspired by 1950 and 1960 glamorous – feminine fashion combined with the fast changing street style creating a modern look.

I also like creating unique unisex accessorises for kids such as, pink jacquard bow ties. Bow ties are such a statement for both girls and boys! I love it when a look can be completed with just one fabulous accessory!

I adore classic cuts, colour combinations and I pay huge attention to the quality of fabrics that I use. I also feel that it is important to focus my attention on the finer details, as this is what can make pieces stand out from the crowd!

Lazy_Francis_NWM_HR_AW15_Look_Book_3791_20141220_©Lazy Francis

5. How does your design philosophy change when designing for boys vs. girls?
Boys and girls fashion are very different and the designs vary as parents have very different approaches on how to choose, what they choose – their priorities and colour preference are different.

I have found that girl’s parents are less traditional and open to anything new in clothing. However, girls and boys mums are two different worlds but I am finding it fascinating to discover.

For AW15 we are releasing our first ever boyswear collection, which I am very excited about! Boy’s fashion is a very new world to me but I am really enjoying it.

Lazy_Francis_NWM_HR_AW15_Look_Book_4145_20141220_©Lazy Francis

6. What do you have coming up that you are really excited about?
We are working on couture for the boys and girls and there are pieces in the collection that are made from 100% silk and real leather. We are also very excited to announce that we are launching our very first few shoe styles! We can’t wait to see the prototypes and first samples.

Lazy_Francis_NWM_HR_AW15_Look_Book_4408_20141220_©Lazy Francis

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